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  1. Byrd

    Pismo (G4) Firewire weirdness?

    Firewire is a great high speed standard of the day compared to USB 1.1; very much like an enhanced version of SCSI but you can see why it was left behind. I've a couple of FW devices that play nicely in later Macs but not all, power and signaling issues are also a consideration.
  2. Byrd

    Pismo (G4) Firewire weirdness?

    Try another FW chipset in the external drive - I’m guessing an incompatibility
  3. Byrd

    Apple Network Server 700/150

    What's the issue here, two adults can't get together and inspect their ANS?
  4. Byrd

    Mac Plus and Mac SE/30 (busted)

    Nice, I’d suggest practicing on another old PCB first, as both are probably pretty easy to resurrect with some standard recapping/troubleshooting if clean.
  5. Byrd

    Reviving a Power Macintosh 7500/100

    I don’t know what that black adhesive but not normally placed. Just make sure it’s not conductive and once you know the Mac works it might come off/dissolve with IPA or Acetone. Or just leave it.
  6. Byrd

    Where to start with a dead Thunder 24?

    Take the easy route first, check the ROM and inspect the card under magnification first - check for missing components, scratches or loose pins
  7. Byrd

    6100 dead G4 upgrade card.

    If it boots, disable backside cache at startup and see what happens
  8. Byrd

    G4 Cube with no picture

    No - needs an AGP graphics card. I've come across two G4 Cubes where the AGP riser had failed because it wasn't slid back in properly
  9. Byrd

    7300/200 Lights on but nobody's home

    Also recently picked up a couple of 7300 machines; a 7300/180 and 7300/200; both exhibited the same behavior, no chime bar some static on the speaker. PSUs checked out fine. For both, it was the CPU daughter card and a stick of bad RAM in each. Amusingly switching the CPU daughter card on...
  10. Byrd

    Quadra 840AV video problem

    Is the CRT good - have you tried a nubus video card on it? The 840AV has 1MB soldered VRAM I’d pull whatever is in the 4 X VRAM slots as first troubleshooting step.
  11. Byrd

    iMac G5 can run successfully with blown capacitor?

    https://www.instructables.com/Imac-G5-DIY-capacitors-repair/?amp_page=true Some starters here, you’ll need to research tools and capacitor ratings next.
  12. Byrd

    iMac G5 can run successfully with blown capacitor?

    Welcome - quick answer: no, because iMacs of this era are plagued by bad caps, even if just a few appear leaking you can bet many others are marginal. If you don't have the materials I'd look out for another iMac G5 which is cheap and has nil cap leakage - for now.
  13. Byrd

    DOS comparability card not working.

    Have same card, 486 was really hot card wouldn't start up. Pulling the CPU cleaning the pins and socket sorted mine.
  14. Byrd

    Red Color Issue on Mystic Color Classic

    It’ll be the RGB wires on the yoke going to the analogue board, resolder all these with fresh solder and flux. Also clean the 575 edge connector thoroughly.
  15. Byrd

    small ide HD

    A compact flash micro drive would be more easily sourced if you’re into that spinning stuff.
  16. Byrd

    Reviving a Power Macintosh 7500/100

    Static noise on a recent 7300 restoration (two of them, also suspected the PSU but all well), was due to the processor card. Check this over well and maybe hold it down firmly or at a fraction of an angle from 90 deg then start up. The CPU core is also highly fragile check it looks OK by...
  17. Byrd

    Some old school mods!!!

    This device might do what you need - a Raspberry Pi Pico to TTL/CGA/EGA converter, was cheap and used to be sold as a complete kit but maybe not now, still looks impressive. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=56313&start=220 Another product here but pretty expensive...
  18. Byrd

    Some old school mods!!!

    I saw the auction too but forgot about it; glad you scored it Fred! The video out is probably Monochrome TTL (aka Hercules), not CGA, these monitors are really hard to find.
  19. Byrd

    Reviving a Power Macintosh 7500/100

    Hi, It’s time to strip it down to the basics, with it probably being a bad connection from the CPU daughtercard, cache, RAM. I’m finding the “Outrigger” 7x00 Macs are more temperamental to run these days, because of the sheer amount of plug in components if one fails or is marginal, there goes...
  20. Byrd

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    Thanks for the spam - reported