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  1. MacUp72

    PowerBook 540c screen issue

    you might check sockets for bent pins..easy to overlook
  2. MacUp72

    Compatible PSU for Lombard/Bronze Keyboard PowerBook G3

    old vs new power plugs
  3. MacUp72

    Switzerland: PowerBook PCMCIA Expansion Module (with PB 540c)

    indeed nonsense prices, two years ago you could get a 3400c for 70 bucks now suddenly its 600..
  4. MacUp72

    PowerBook G3 PDQ issues

    ok, but when there are probs you should try to find the cause, so I'd do those steps..how will you solve a problem without analysis?
  5. MacUp72

    PowerBook G3 PDQ issues

    have you removed the PRAM battery yet, maybe it is bad..or the old OS install. then, the usual procedures, resetting NVRAM and check the hard drive against a known good one ( and/or do a new install).
  6. MacUp72

    G4 Cube with no picture

    does the cube have some onboard graphics actually for testing?
  7. MacUp72

    Katheryn's Conquests!

    Yeah, I miss that, too..
  8. MacUp72

    Powerbook 2400c inverter

    Maybe it should be important to know what caused that fuse blow
  9. MacUp72

    3400c issues

    yeah, thats are find, 240Mhz plus a 128MB card..I was searching for a 128MB card over a year and just by pure luck scored one listed as 16MB. do you have a photo of the leakage on the inside plastic case?
  10. MacUp72

    Loosening Powerbook g4 Ti Hinges

    oh, that seems to be indeed a real creepy oil..
  11. MacUp72

    Another SE restore (Tidy up?) thread

    nice..I wonder how that thick layer of dust actually came inside the case..
  12. MacUp72

    PowerBook 500 Series full 040 CPU swap

    nice..was it done with a hot air station? new oscillator, yes, you could just buy three different ones and test how far it goes..
  13. MacUp72

    PowerBook 500 Series full 040 CPU swap

    now thats an idea.. the 060 is somewhat similar to a Pentium, also has a power saving option..has someone done that sucessfully, is there even a QFP one? but rare and not cheap🤟
  14. MacUp72

    Powerbook G3 screen hinges

    from memory, after the teardown, the whole display is just slided onto upright metal hinge posts..maybe theres a replacement
  15. MacUp72

    Loosening Powerbook g4 Ti Hinges

    my 800Mhz DVI Ti also has some stiffer hinges.. it, too get better when it was in usage, so its a temperatures thing. But I rather have one with stiffer but intact hinges than one with loose ones. I just cleaned the hinges with a little bit of lighter fluid but it didnt change.
  16. MacUp72

    ZZJ's Shenanigans

    also cat approved. Solid. this is mine now, right?
  17. MacUp72

    croissantking's conquests

    I wonder how difficult it is to de- and resolder the cpu onto the daughter board and what minimal equipment you would need..
  18. MacUp72

    croissantking's conquests

    a 68040 in the 540, like this guy here? https://hackaday.com/2016/08/22/ask-hackaday-calling-all-68k-experts/ oh, wow, you should do a new thread here about that adventure..
  19. MacUp72

    croissantking's conquests

    wow, that looks clean, nice..does the ram now work properly?
  20. MacUp72

    PowerBook Ti ATI Radeon 9000 vram replacement

    Yeah, Apple and ATI, a history of failings🤓 I once tried the oven baking method, it worked but not for very long..I dont know if a Pro-reballing is worth it?