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  1. Nixontheknight

    Interware Booster CV 40 - Doesn't work on SE/30

    the rominator ii by @bigmessowires is also 32-bit clean, as it was designed originally with the iici and iisi in mind, but will fit and work in a iix, iicx, and SE/30
  2. Nixontheknight

    Interware Booster CV 40 - Doesn't work on SE/30

    it probably would, but I'd recommend instead using a iisi rom or a rominator ii
  3. Nixontheknight

    Strange Behavior From A Macintosh 512ke

    that sounds like something is broken with the system. Try booting from a System Tools disk and see if the behavior persists in the System Tools disk. If it doesn't persist, try running Disk First Aid on the volume you normally use to boot
  4. Nixontheknight

    CircuitBored's Overclocked eMac!

    are you using a Pi 400 as the keyboard? How?
  5. Nixontheknight

    Mac SE FTP/HTTP Downloading

    wait there's a free program that does the same thing as IPnetRouter? TIL!
  6. Nixontheknight

    Soldering iron recommendations

    then maybe something disconnected internally in the tip, try buying new tips
  7. Nixontheknight

    Mac 512ke ram expansion

    if there is, I think it would only work with ED/512ke/Plus roms
  8. Nixontheknight

    Soldering iron recommendations

    try using deoxit on the contacts on the iron and tip
  9. Nixontheknight

    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    I'm certain
  10. Nixontheknight

    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    sounds like the analog board is resetting due to overcurrent, try recapping the logic board and analog board
  11. Nixontheknight

    Questions about an LCIII to LCIII+ overclock mod on machine with MC68030FE16B installed.

    I think the VLSI chip is the graphics chip, right?
  12. Nixontheknight

    New LC owner questions: display, PSU

    then you might not be using quality capacitors, rubicon is a pretty good brand
  13. Nixontheknight

    New LC owner questions: display, PSU

    and one more tip, frequent your local thrift stores, there are bound to be tons of displays capable of VGA that people are donating there, that's how I got the LCD monitor for mine
  14. Nixontheknight

    New LC owner questions: display, PSU

    there are VGA to HDMI adapters on Amazon, and recapping the power supply is doable, make sure to discharge all the capacitors before attempting to recap the power supply, you don't want to get zapped by charged AC capacitors while you're soldering (which can be between 170V and 340V depending on...
  15. Nixontheknight

    LC III & LC 520/550 PDS slot compatibility

    I actually overclocked mine to 33MHz. I wonder if an overclocked LC III runs a bit slower than one that's stock 33MHz
  16. Nixontheknight

    Software detection of emulator

    sheepshaver's probably similar, try using TattleTech to confirm that. as for MiniVMac, you'd have to figure out if a certain extension is running
  17. Nixontheknight

    PCIe (PCI express) graphics card in G4 cube?

    or just on the adapter itself
  18. Nixontheknight

    Bretford Mobility Cart 20 for MacBook & iPad

    oh wow, I have not seen that cart since high school, they used to store iPads in these
  19. Nixontheknight

    Classic II: hard drive is super duper dead

    I suspect a head crash. Since the drive isn't showing up on anything, open it up and see if you can see any obvious circular scratches as that would indicate a head crash, as that's the only failure mode I can think of that can make a drive delete itself from existence
  20. Nixontheknight

    McD-800 Drive repair

    just be careful and use white lithium grease to lubricate the rails the head glides on