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    Creating ' snd' resources

    Consider to fetch a copy of SoundEdit Pro. This beautiful piece of software allows you to open/record/edit sound data and to save it into a sound ressorce file. To get hands on a specific ressorce file you would want to work on, have also a copy of ResEdit available.
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    PowerBook 550c Replace CCFl with LED (also: 190, 5300)

    Great stuff, keep on going! I appreciate your effort and I am looking forward to make use of this information in my own projects. Thank you very much!
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    Installing and testing a NewerTech Quadra Cache card on a Centris 650

    Everytime (back in the day, when I used a 68040 Mac as my daily work machine) I researched for 68040 cache upgrades I found information hinting towards stability issues of several kinds, no matter if even a PPC upgrade was involved. Thus I never invested into any of those cards, because I valued...
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    SCSI Zip Drives?

    I would love to help, but the partial amnesia of this forum combined with my own fragmented memory does not permit to quickly reference you to a complete and proven description of what would work and what not. Anyway, please dive deeper into the documentation. I assume you have already found...
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    Troubleshooting booting from CF card using IODATA idsc21-e scsi to ide adapter

    Yes, the operability of a setup might depend on the software used to format the drive. The results vary for each combination of actual storage media hardware, adapter, host computer and drive setup software. A while ago, in the Wiki we assembled a table of tested flash memory with configuration...
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    SCSI Zip Drives?

    I am pretty sure I set up my PowerBook 180 that way, because I was lucky to install a then huge 500 MB harddisk instead of the stock 80 MB harddisk and wanted to experiment with different System installations. As of now, I have no physical evidence at hand, as my beloved 68k machines are in...
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    SCSI Zip Drives?

    Please read this old post: Setting startup disk on LC475. Unfortunately, some references to even older posts are lost. Also, currently (2023-11-12) the Wiki appears not to be available. However, to use any drive, it has to be formatted properly to be operational on the intended host computer...
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    SCSI Zip Drives?

    Just a side note to the driver software used to operate the ZIP drive: There is a software suite called ZIP tools that was originally provided by iomega to use ZIP drives, but one can do without. A patched Drive Setup software (use ResEdit to write a proper entry into an unused ressource to let...
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    Mac-to-VGA monitor adapter struggles

    As long as you have an adaptor to properly connect the video card and the display, consider to set the screen resolution by software, overwriting actual sense pin settings. To make any supported display resolution available in System 7.1 (and probably some other System versions), use »Activate...
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    matias keyboards experience?

    Thank you for sharing this great piece of information!
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    matias keyboards experience?

    I use a BT wireless Matias keyboard that allows to quickly switch between four different host computers (or an iPhone, iPad…). It does not use as high quality mechanical keyswitches as are in the good old Apple Extended Keyboard, but is quite usable. I miss in all the modern keyboards that...
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    Warning about Iomega Zip Drives on eBay being advertised as SCSI (Z100S) but actually being Parallel port (Z100P) versions

    I share this experience and resolved to install a keyboard layout software that disables Caps Lock, Num Lock and Delete keys, and also swaps Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys conveniently. On many PC keyboards it is possible to easily exchange the key caps also, to resemble a more Mac-like layout. That...
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    Dual monitor with IIci?

    Hi, Yes, usually, your setup should work fine out of the box. Depending to the type of connector used to attach the monitor to the video card, probably with an adaptor, issues might occur with regard to adaptor setting and/or sense pin configuration. If you run into a problem, double check if...
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    Performa 630 compatible CD drive

    A Comm Slot Ethernet card permits to use a second graphics adapter in the LC PDS. Thus you can have both fast Etehrnet and a second display.
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    No startup chime or screen on Powerbook 150

    Just to make sure: Consider to alter setting of brightness and contrast sliders for the display. Edit: Might the PB150 be one of the machines that will not chime and boot if the buffer battery for PRAM and Clock is depleted? As far as I remeber, the 1xx series PowerBooks have a rechargeable...
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    Transfer Data between vintage Macintosh and modern Macintosh

    Yes, an old router or even a simple Hub is sometimes the solution to hook old hardware to a switch of recent make.
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    Performa 630 compatible CD drive

    As far as I remember you can use pretty much any SCSI CD ROM or CD writer drive in a Performa 630. Depending to the device and the system software version you might need to add additional driver software or slightly tweak the system software to enable operability with a non apple branded CD...
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    Hypercard Programing

    :) As members of the 68kMLA we are in the business of resurrection, aren't we? Edit: I just stumbled upon changes in the visibility of posts in this thread and replied to a post I had already replied to, before. I apologize for repeating myself. Cheers!
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    Best Apple Monitor for Quadra 700?

    The EIZO Flexscan L365 is a good choice to pair with most old Macs. The native resolution is 1024x768 (or even 1280x1024 in the larger siblings L465/L565) and it also syncs all usual Mac resolutions below. The appearance is well suited to sit next to a Mac (black and platinum versions...
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    Apple ADC Monitor to Macintosh II?

    As an alternative to Gefen's DVI converter plus Apple's DVI to ADC adapter there are similar components from other suppliers available. For a digital ADC display, after the obligatory (male) DB15 to (female) VGA adaptor one could digitize the analog diplay output signal with a device like...