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  1. defor

    Ultimate Pioneer MPC-LX200

    yeah that focus board is DEFINITELY not specific to the Pioneer LX series... I've had one for years that i picked up in a 5200... I've got a bunch of Pioneer clones at the moment (2) GX-1, (2) LX-100, (1) LX-200... But sadly I don't have the MO-equipped LX-200... What model MO drive is that, and...
  2. defor

    9" Compact Completists?

    I mean.. neither are color classics... (not 9")
  3. defor

    Are you using a TV out card or is there something else going on in this old tv? It almost looks...

    Are you using a TV out card or is there something else going on in this old tv? It almost looks as clean as a small format LCD...
  4. defor

    630 motherboard in a 5500

    I'd say I've also had no issues and if you refer to the CCSCC/Takky documentation of the pinout, it appears that pin was left as NC both on harness and boards until they needed to add the +3v.
  5. defor

    DAC Attack! for ZuluSCSI Audio

    always good to have competition and options though! Didn't realize you were on the MLA- message incoming :)
  6. defor

    Pioneer MPC-GX1 / MPC-LX100 / MPC-LX200 Preload software (and hardware) questions

    thanks! definitly a start for what I'm looking for!
  7. defor

    Speeding up a Color Classic - Without mystic or Takky

    sorry i forgot to mention the CS1 slot - a great point as well. I'm not sure changing from scsi to SD for the drive is necessary, as I've always run cc's even back in the late 90's with 550/570 boards with no issue. A simply analog board recap should be all that's necessary. I'm more a fan of...
  8. defor

    Speeding up a Color Classic - Without mystic or Takky

    personally from the prices I've seen, while the price on a 550/57x board might be high, the price isn't that far off from the accelerators designed for the CC/LCII/etc. The added benefit at the end of the day if you're seriously looking to upgrade is that you get to keep your PDS slot, which...
  9. defor

    Pioneer MPC-GX1 / MPC-LX100 / MPC-LX200 Preload software (and hardware) questions

    While I've got both a GX1 and an LX100, I've got none of the official software load.. I do have the applications disc for a LX200 at least, but I'm wondering if anyone out there might have some details on the originally shipping configs: What OS did each ACTUALLY ship with, and was it on a...
  10. defor

    Power Mac 7100 PPC 601 CPU package damaged

    at least it was just a 7100- i lost a 9150/120 board this way...
  11. defor

    Questions about Mac Handwriter: Does anyone have drivers for it? Has anyone here ever used one?

    I've uploaded the 1.0.2 english software package to MG. I hope this helps. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/machandwriter It appears that this version (the 2.0 design) is based around a rebadged wacom tablet... APPEARS.. can you provide a photo of any labels, etc from the bottom of the tablet...
  12. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Yeah, If you have this card, you'll definitely want to get that firmware updater and driver, etc. I recall life with this card being a lot better with it than not. Also remember that if you put more than 32MB ram in your 5300, Focus made a wierd note that there's a bug on the 5300 board that...
  13. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    cheesestraws - I already seem to have bunch more drivers not archived by the usual suspects after digging for this specific one over the last few weeks, so I might see about fixing the mess that's out there.
  14. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    The Focus Video/Ethernet driver for 5300 definitely does have a driver (as well as a firmware update).. again, no use for this weird edge case!
  15. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    No worries- yeah that's exactly where I am already- the 1997 version of the Focus website seems to have a driver package specifically for the Ethernet version of the card that I have, but it was on FTP. after rebranding and so on, when they started hosting the drivers on their site, they appear...
  16. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    That actually MAY be true, but the only way to change the resolution is with the control panel- I've got both the LC-PDS L-TV Pro NTSC (Normal, not Ethernet equipped) and the LC-PDS L-TV Pro PAL drivers and while neither work (it seems the board id resources dont match the PDS device id's...
  17. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Still looking... Have managed to archive some more versions of the official L-TV Pro software, as well as a legitimate Install software from the Nubus L-TV Pro card, but sadly, still no luck finding a driver that responds favorably to this specific card.
  18. defor

    Comm Slot II Repoduction?

    Are you sure CSII 10bt ethernet are actually in short supply? I definitely have a few, both Apple and third party.. The only CSII that feels anywhere close to rare are the 100bt cards...
  19. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Does anyone have, or know where to track down the Focus/Lapis L-TV Pro/E (Ethernet) LC-PDS drivers? The card I have works great, outputs to tv, etc, but video acceleration seems to not be functional as performance is very poor... I've tried a few different packages from different locations...