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  1. sstaylor

    Stuck Miniscribe

    Coincidentally, in the last week I've watched like three or four different videos of people working with old machines with Miniscribe drives. In every instance, one or more heads were stuck to the platter. Attempts to fix resulted in the head torn off. Not saying this will happen to you, but...
  2. sstaylor

    Anybody here ever run a IIfx with A Tokamac accelerator?

    Funny, I just ran across a TokaMac Iici accelerator and have been trying to find the software for it, if there even was any. I saw you had cloned the TokaMac LC. Have you ever come across anything helpful for the Tokamak Iici?
  3. sstaylor

    Can't pick a vintage Mac and need help please.

    You can also look at the Quadra or Centris 610 or 660av. Nice pizza box like the 6100 but with a 68040, and does not need the fancy video adapter the 6100 series needs. They use SCSI hard drives that can be readily replaced with a Blue SCSI or Zulu SCSI adapter for not a ton of money. I...
  4. sstaylor

    Better Trackball for Kensington Turbo Mouse

    Back in the day, someone sold a package of Turbo Mouse compatible balls that had different colors and different weights ranging both lighter and heavier than the OEM ball. I liked the heavier ball. I'm happy to know that a standard billiard ball will fit.
  5. sstaylor

    Image writer ii ribbon nos

    This came up about a month ago: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/imagewriter-ribbon-cartridge-problems.45840/ TLDR: NOS is a crapshoot; you may get one that's just fine but there are others that are disintegrating. Links were provided for some New New Stock which work just fine.
  6. sstaylor

    Got a Macintosh! Now What?

    If you need to open your SE, this is excellent and priced pretty reasonably: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BC56XFG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ETA: in fact, I really have to encourage you to open up your computer and remove the battery if you're not positive it's...
  7. sstaylor

    Why is this SE so unhappy?

    To be fair, many people don't have the long torx-15 required to open an SE. Could be a dodgy seller, or just one who has an old computer they're not terribly interested in.
  8. sstaylor

    9" Compact Completists?

    Just to additionally complicate things, here is my dual-floppy SE FDHD. I don't recall where I got it but I understand some were sold in the education market. There is no hard drive installed. The ethernet card is a recent addition.
  9. sstaylor

    SCSI Zip Drives?

    There is a caveat with the Zip driver tools; versions later than (I think) 4.2 will crash a Mac Plus. Also, if a later driver is loaded on your system or you boot with a disk with a later version, it will update older drivers on a disk automatically when the disk is inserted.
  10. sstaylor

    Best way to examine contents of old 50 pin SCSI hard drives?

    There is typically three (or more, but you're usually just dealing with 3 for SCSI ID) sets of jumpers on the drive's circuit board. SCSI ID can be set by jumpering (?) in a binary-counting fashion: 000=0, 001=1, 010=2, 011=3 and so forth. Other jumpers might set things like termination. Some...
  11. sstaylor

    Best way to examine contents of old 50 pin SCSI hard drives?

    You'll need to change the SCSI ID of one of the drives; typically the internal drive of an old mac is SCSI ID 0. Some versions of Blue SCSI and ZuluSCSI have an initiator mode, which will make an image on its SD card of most SCSI drives attached to it.
  12. sstaylor

    Apple Scribe Printer

    I'm glad to hear that; I picked up a Scribe from somewhere sometime (or perhaps it was just a feral one that was attracted by the rest of my junk) I picked up some thermal fax paper for it but haven't tried it yet. I'll have to give it a go.
  13. sstaylor

    Did the 180 use those weird rubbery silicon heat sinks? Because I've seen them on Aliexpress

    Did the 180 use those weird rubbery silicon heat sinks? Because I've seen them on Aliexpress
  14. sstaylor

    Apple 20SC and Bluescsi

    The Mac Plus doesn't have internal SCSI connectors. But the 20SC should have a connector on the back to allow you to daisy-chain SCSI devices; just make sure each device has a unique SCSI ID number between 0-6. You may need to buy a cable for it though.
  15. sstaylor

    SCSI for Dummies Thread - How to properly use SCSI

    It seems like at least some models of the IIfx wanted an internal terminator if there was no internal drive attached. Can't think of any others offhand.
  16. sstaylor

    Questions about getting started with a Mac Plus

    You may already be aware but it has to be said: if the keyboard doesn't come with the original cable, don't just use a telephone cord because it will wreck your keyboard and/or computer.
  17. sstaylor

    BlueSCSI & SCSI2SD - corruption

    Also, SCSI ID 9? I'm not sure a machine as old as a 6100 would support 9 as a valid SCSI ID.
  18. sstaylor

    Games on Fruit iMacs

    Didn't some iMacs come with Power Pete?
  19. sstaylor

    How to manage a graphite Airport basestation?

    I have kept a copy of Airport utility 5.6.1, which I know will work with some of the older Airports but I don't know whether it would work with yours or not. It won't launch under Ventura and I don't know how far back you need to go to have it run but it seems like I've run it in the past two...
  20. sstaylor

    Maximizing memory on my Centris 650 - will this work?

    Those are the largest simms the 650 will accept, and the speed is plenty fast. Looks like you should be good to go.