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  1. rplacd

    Adding 8 slots to my Compact Mac

    Also, NuBus on an SE/30?
  2. rplacd

    Emulation: Infinite Mac

    Posting in here to express my deepest appreciation for what you've done, @mihai, especially drag-and-drop file transfer! It turns out that the fastest way to move files from a Stuffit file to a Mac is to simply drag and drop into Infinite Mac, and then export a disk image. You've made my life so...
  3. rplacd

    Word access odd Address Exceptions on 68K software - were they ever used?

    +1 to this question – seeing people do things "not the Mac way" is interesting. Perhaps a fancy bells-and-whistles debugger that didn't touch the Toolbox?
  4. rplacd

    Software detection of emulator

    I think mini vMac might have some special traps that are used to implement "secret sauce" file import/export utility apps from within the emulated environment. (e.g. https://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/extras/importfl/index.html)
  5. rplacd

    ROM Hacking...The Radius Rocket!

    Oh wow, thanks for the explanation: I'd always wondered whether the "Quadra 950 ROMs" were on cards directly shucked from actual Quadra 950s to avoid having to go through Apple to license, but it looks like they genuinely distributed their own license on disk. I've always wondered as well about...
  6. rplacd

    Best books for classic mac development?

    +1 for the Macintosh C Programming Primer (and Pascal, too), as well as THINK Reference. There are quite a few versions of the Reference on the Macintosh Garden, but you’ll have to hunt for the later ones.
  7. rplacd

    AMD (the Xilinx bit) discontinuing a lot of IC's

    I wonder if a SCSI-attached peripheral might be enough for your accelerator needs. At around ~600KB/s (SCSI1) it won’t be streaming a lot, though.
  8. rplacd

    Modern List Manager replacement?

    Yay, that’s exciting! I’ve always wanted to look for something like that to build a columns filer browser that’s more flexible than Greg’s Browsee. Did you trade off MacApp vs Carbon when you were making the decision?
  9. rplacd

    Emulation: Binaries for Mini vMac 37 with LToUDP

    Sending out prayers that there’s a cleaned up version of the source out in the aether, that doesn’t use whatever bonkers build system there is…
  10. rplacd

    Mac plus, with a surprise:)

    I actually would love to see this reverse engineered – I know that most of the Macintosh Plus' "secret sauce" logic is in PALs and a few I/O specific chips that at least have well-documented behavior (VIA, SCSI, IWM, SCSI)... the odds of having having a reverse-engineered Macintosh Plus with a...
  11. rplacd

    This CRT is dead, right?

    Done, twice: once while trying to remove a stuck-in SCSI ribbon cable in a Classic; once when trying to remove a stuck-in CRT anode whatchamathingy. One of the rollercoaster moments they don't tell you about when you enter the hobby.
  12. rplacd

    No hard drive on Classic II: can I lower fan rpm/flow? experiences?

    Hmm... where would you mount the extra fan?
  13. rplacd

    Softwindows 2 68k

    Even Windows 3.11 was painfully slow... it was on my Classic II, though. I can imagine that even a SCSI-attached emulation card would do better, if one existed. (If I had the skills to do this, I'd have it expose a virtual hard disk where you might access store emulator files like the virtual...
  14. rplacd

    No hard drive on Classic II: can I lower fan rpm/flow? experiences?

    As a heads up, I've managed to make my Classic II effectively entirely silent using the rubber interposers that you can insert between the case and the screws that keep the CPU fan in. I actually use Silenx fans, which do a slightly better job at reducing noise. I think there are other ways you...
  15. rplacd

    MacGUI Downloads gone

    I always take some time once in a while to reflect on the ethics of collecting hardware when it butts up against the ethics of sharing online resources... we all have old machines that only get more rare, and it's incumbent on us to do our best steward them for future generations. When rare...
  16. rplacd

    LocalTalk... but faster?

    Huh – apparently, looking at the datasheet for the Z8030, a channel on the ZCC can do 1.5 Mbit/s (knowing that this has nothing to do with Apple's use.) I remember reading that the SCC was meant to be Steve Jobs' idea for expansion. in the same way that he originally wanted web apps for the...
  17. rplacd

    A self-contained QEMU-based A/UX system for macOS

    Thank you so much for creating this – I've always wanted to thank you for creating the WordPerfect appliance, which helped recover some old files, and now I get to meet you virtually... with another exciting project! For what it's worth, A/UX aside, having a pre-packaged Quadra 800 emulation...
  18. rplacd

    Installing Debian 12 on 68040

    I don't know the details, but it looks like support for anything less than a 68040 and a particular Coldfire model was disabled around 2016, and in fact had been broken for a while. (http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/buildroot/2016-March/156657.html) I tried patching back in support for a...
  19. rplacd

    technique for repairing broken plastic clips

    Woah, woah, don't steal the thunder of the PowerBooks 1xx!
  20. rplacd

    technique for repairing broken plastic clips

    That's the nub... how do we find a metal-to-plastic adhesive that's shear resistant? For example, metal screw receptacles in in old PowerBooks break free from the weakened plastic they're embedded in. How do we reconstruct this bond in a way that actualy resists forces twisting/perpendicular to...