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  1. davewongillies

    SE/30 Board Mystery Issue

    Pending advice from some of the more knowledgeable people around here The Dead Mac Scrolls has a few suggestions for things to look at for no video output.
  2. davewongillies

    BlueScsi won't boot in a SE

    You should check out their troubleshooting guide https://bluescsi.com/docs/Troubleshooting And if that doesn't help at the end of the troubleshooting guide they have links to their own support channels
  3. davewongillies

    SE/30 Board Mystery Issue

    Bad caps can definitely be the cause of no sound, I had the same problem on a Mac SE/30 recently. Replacing caps C3 through to C7 fixed it. Console5 sells cap kits for the SE/30. Here's the cap kit for the logic board.
  4. davewongillies

    Diagnosing a Classic Mac in a weird situation (Early Analog Board)

    There's prior art with this Mac SE & SE/30 version: https://github.com/dekuNukem/PicoRC/blob/master/mac_se_se30.md I'd imagine it'd require some pretty light changes to make it work with the Classic & Classic II
  5. davewongillies

    Test Classic II logic board with SE analog ?

    The pinounts are quite different so you'd need to make a custom cable: Classic II pinouts https://old.pinouts.ru/Power/macclassicpower_pinout.shtml SE pinouts https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?attachments/se-30-logic-board-pinouts-and-caps-png.33698/ Edit: Updated SE pinouts to the right ones
  6. davewongillies

    Mac SE FTP/HTTP Downloading

    Surprisingly some non-company backed open source projects do provide support, bluescsi being one of them. They have a troubleshooting guide which has this at the bottom if the guide doesn't help.
  7. davewongillies

    Best solutions for mounting an internal BlueSCSI V2 in an SE/30?

    Here are some more BlueSCSI v2 tray mounts I found: https://www.printables.com/model/813709-mac-se-and-se30-bluescsi-v2-expansion-port-bracket https://www.printables.com/model/661675-desktop-bluescsi-v2-mount-for-board-revision-20231...
  8. davewongillies

    Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?

    Thanks that's helpful. In my case the modern 4x4MB sticks I bought allow my SE/30 to boot but they weirdly show up as 24MB. I've gotten NOS 4x4MB sticks and they show up as the expected 16MB, so I'm pretty sure the modern ones are faulty (they don't work in my Quadra 700 at all, and that's got...
  9. davewongillies

    Retro Recipes also tried this before with some decent results: [MEDIA] If it makes any...

    Retro Recipes also tried this before with some decent results: If it makes any difference, I'm in NorCal, RetroRecipes is in SoCal. I haven't seen any follow ups from RR, but I'll be tracking how it goes over time. I only really did this out of sheer laziness, I honestly wouldn't be surprised...
  10. davewongillies

    Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?

    What does the failure mode look like for the board thickness issue?
  11. davewongillies

    Oooooooze 🤢 [ATTACH]

    Oooooooze 🤢
  12. davewongillies

    Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?

    Out of curiosity which SIMMs from eBay did you have issues with?
  13. davewongillies

    Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?

    Pretty sure this is new old stock but I got them yesterday and they worked well in my SE30 and aren't too tall https://www.ebay.com/itm/166354705821
  14. davewongillies

    The result of putting the face plate in the Sun for two days, no hydrogen peroxide, just the...

    The result of putting the face plate in the Sun for two days, no hydrogen peroxide, just the Sun. Left: beforehand Right: afterwards
  15. davewongillies

    BlueSCSI problem, is it HW or user error?

    Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps? https://bluescsi.com/docs/Troubleshooting They also suggest asking for more help in these places: Open Retro SCSI Discord TinkerDifferent Forum GitHub Discussions
  16. davewongillies

    Blue SCSI V2 SD Cards

    I've got a 32GB SD card in mine and that's more than enough space for my compact Macs
  17. davewongillies

    Anyone have an SE speaker?

    I only ended up with the MacEffects speaker because besides ripping one out of an old Mac 0.25@/63Ω speakers don't seem to exist anymore (searching for it just yields a bunch of forum posts of people asking where to find 0.25@/63Ω speakers). Also I bought the MacEffects speaker because I assumed...
  18. davewongillies

    Anyone have an SE speaker?

    I purchased one of these speakers for my Mac Classic II recently which also usually has a 63Ω 0.25watt speaker. The speaker from Maceffects is rated 8Ω 0.25watts and I found the output volume more than loud enough.
  19. davewongillies

    Ruby SE/30

    Its using whatever ROM came with the system (only got it yesterday). It came with what I thought was 4x1MB RAM sticks as well. I just pulled them out and tested them in my working Classic II and they're actually 4x2MB. Guess I've got some work to do on this SE/30, haha. Edit: looked at the...