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  1. volvo242gt

    Rescued what I thought was a Mac II

    Likewise, @ClassicGuyPhilly.
  2. volvo242gt

    Look what the Easter bunny brought

    Nice score. For those interested, here's where Apple was located in the Seattle, Washington area at the time, this copy of PageMaker was sent to the owner: https://maps.app.goo.gl/DaD8hdxfuxMLDpgn7
  3. volvo242gt

    Rescued what I thought was a Mac II

    Another good choice for a period correct setup... M1298 and M0116, with the correct A9M0331 mouse.
  4. volvo242gt

    Restoring my SE to SE/30 conversion; fan question

    Is the donor analog board any good? If so, just reattach the fan, recap the board, reinstall the hard drive molex connector, then use it.
  5. volvo242gt

    Apple IIe 5.25 Disk Drive, A9M0107 Noise

    It does sound a bit off. Almost like there's a bearing going bad. Or, the motor is spinning too slowly.
  6. volvo242gt

    Can't seem to get the interrupt key combo to work?

    Worked under 6.0.7 on my original IIsi.
  7. volvo242gt

    Can't seem to get the interrupt key combo to work?

    IIRC, on the IIsi, you have to do command-option-power to get into Macsbug or the built-in debugger. It's been a while since I did it on a IIsi or similar Mac. Majority of my 68K machines have had the programmer's switches installed.
  8. volvo242gt

    Acquired a IIfx (yay!) Issues (boo!)

    ^IIfx has only two electrolytics that are present on some of the boards. The remaining boards already had tantalum caps on them. Attached is a pic of one of the electrolytic cap IIfx boards.
  9. volvo242gt

    Will the MP-F51W-23 Work Inside the Macintosh 512Ke (As Opposed to the MP-F51W-03)?

    Interesting, since every SE, SE/30, etc, I see, came with a red stripe cable, if it uses a FDHD drive, or a later black label 800K drive.
  10. volvo242gt

    What I've received as of late...

    The ROM 4 version would've come out with the internal Sony MP-F75W floppy drive, probably a hard drive, etc... It would've been lacking in power, compared to the Mac, Amiga, Atari ST, etc, but would've been better than it was. Anyway, conquested three floppies and four Apple Microphones from...
  11. volvo242gt

    Centris / Quadra 650 / 800 Behaviour When LEDs are Fitted

    No, the J25 jumper was not shorted. So, there's something incorrect about the schematics. Try installing the 800 board in a IIvx or C/Q650 case, without J25 connected, but with DS1 present. If it still reports as a Q800, then, maybe someone modified my board, but it should not have then...
  12. volvo242gt

    Centris / Quadra 650 / 800 Behaviour When LEDs are Fitted

    I was the one telling you that. If neither is populated, it reports as a Q800, just like if you have the jumpered LED connected. If only DS1 is present, then it reports itself as a Q650. Now, it's possible that the Q800 board I had in 2014 was a weird one, but that's how it responded when the...
  13. volvo242gt

    840AV auto-inject floppy - how to mount in drive bay?

    If I remember correctly, the Q800 bracket will work in all of the early minitower cases (800, 840av, 8100, and 8500), so you probably need that part. Could check with Herb Johnson in New Jersey. I think he does ship internationally. http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/m_parts.html
  14. volvo242gt

    What I've received as of late...

    They're nice machines. Even though they were a departure from the previous fully-expandable II series machines, with a separate keyboard, etc, they were also the most powerful of the series. Back in the '90s, I did have that A2S6001 IIgs upgrade kit machine, which did have the old school //e...
  15. volvo242gt

    What I've received as of late...

    Conquested another Woz IIgs last month. Has board problems, but came with nice plastics, so swapped the better pieces to my main IIgs. If the latest IIgs doesn't sell, I might chuck a ROM 3 board into it. Am about to conquest a 2.4GHz C2D Mac Mini from @JC8080 this weekend. 4GB RAM, 500GB...
  16. volvo242gt

    IIGS high speed scsi

    Welcome to the club. Have had one for about a year. Installed it in the temporary machine I had before my old machine returned, then moved it to the old IIgs after I got that computer home. Just FYI, if you do boot the machine with no SCSI drive hooked up, there will be a 5-10 second delay...
  17. volvo242gt

    SCSI for Dummies Thread - How to properly use SCSI

    Jeff, Ah, ok. So, that info may be found in one of the more recent scrapes of the site done by the wayback machine... I didn't check to see if the forum had been archived or not, though.
  18. volvo242gt

    Apple iigs

  19. volvo242gt

    SCSI for Dummies Thread - How to properly use SCSI

    Found it, I think... http://web.archive.org/web/20110820200140/http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/tips/adaptecConvert.html
  20. volvo242gt

    Memory in Quadra 950

    Sure. Not a problem.