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  1. uliwitness

    Looking for English version of ''B's Crew'' formatting software (or a way to translate software into English)

    Not sure if this helps you, but if you know someone who can perform the actual translation of the words for you (i.e. speaks English and Japanese), you can just use ResEdit on that application to change all the 'STR#', 'STR ', 'MENU', 'DITL' and 'DLOG' resources. Depending on how old it is...
  2. uliwitness

    Broken Performa 475

    Hold Command+Option+P+R during startup. I think you'll get a second reboot chime and then you can let go. But it's been abou 20 years, so I might be mis-remembering that bit.
  3. uliwitness

    FPU, software, and a Classic II

    I think there were some others ... I remember having some software from CDs refuse to launch on my LC back when. Might have been drawing apps? Was Painter already around on 68k, or did that start with PPC? I'd expect it was likely a drawing/audio editing app or a game, as that's the majority of...
  4. uliwitness

    Can Anyone Provide Any Information On This "Prototype" Power Macintosh 6360?

    Nobody said Apple folks didn't like to install appearance modification INITs occasionally :D
  5. uliwitness

    What to do with an iMac G4 Flat Panel (800MHz)?

    Run HyperCard stacks on it, of course. Ideally under MacOS 9. Myst will run mighty fine on these as well, I'd expect (if reduced to a tiny rectangle on the screen).
  6. uliwitness

    Can Anyone Provide Any Information On This "Prototype" Power Macintosh 6360?

    Can you check whether that Platinum UI is its native UI? I've seen some System 7 Macs in computer museums that were around that numeric range and people thought it was a System 8 prototype, and when I browsed around a bit it turned out someone had just installed Aaron to override the icons and...
  7. uliwitness

    Idea/dream/wish: Exposé for classic Mac OS

    Just wondering: Could one maybe cross-fade (maybe in the style of HyperCard's "dissolve" effect, replacing seemingly random pixels from source with those from dest, i.e. not with alpha) from the image with windows to the one without windows? Maybe leaving rectangles for the outline of the...
  8. uliwitness

    Hypercard Programing

    Yeah, I may have simplified too much here. MacDraw II (or maybe it was already ClarisDraw at the time?) had an option to make a bitmap transparent. I don't remember if it just used a pen mode that wouldn't draw white pixels, or if it actually generated a mask internally using some seed fill...
  9. uliwitness

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC Logicboard

    It's like software development. Miss one small thing and the symptoms are very surprising. Great work!
  10. uliwitness

    Hypercard Serial

    Full text and the script from this stack for the curious: Sample “Fat” XCMD compiled by CompileIt The script of this field (click “See Script” button below) contains the source HyperTalk for the XCMD in this stack, which was compiled by CompileIt with a developmental binary recompiler module...
  11. uliwitness

    Hypercard Serial

    I think you have things mixed up a bit. CompileIt! was never made to output anything beyond 680x0 code. However, Heizer shipped a demo of a stack that could be used on those XCMDs and recompile the 680x0 code to PowerPC (!). I'm not sure if they ever actually shipped that stack or if the demo...
  12. uliwitness

    Mini Quadra & AppleColo(u)r Display

    By the way: Apple's displays back then had quite a lot of black bezel on the CRT. So if you made the display's case a tad larger, you could probably keep the unmodified proportions by adding (or exposing?) more of a black bezel around the picture.
  13. uliwitness

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC Logicboard

    Yeah, the article makes that clear enough, but when I first read about the trick in a Mac magazine back then, it sounded easier. I'm glad I didn't attempt it at the time, because SMDs were beyond my skill at the time. And a Turbo button to switch between the two resistor positions would mean if...
  14. uliwitness

    Hypercard Programing

    There was a color version of that mouse tutorial, but AFAIR it used the B/W version for everything except 256 colors. (and probably thousands and millions when that became an option). I ran on 16 greys, which was actually good enough to show most color as nice shading, and many apps of the time...
  15. uliwitness

    Hypercard Programing

    HyperCard had types of animation, but they were a bit limited. The two most common approaches (that were fully supported) were page-flip animations and icon animations. Page-flip animations: Drawing each frame on a new page (card) and then just doing "go next" to flip through them (pretty sure...
  16. uliwitness

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC Logicboard

    LC was a great machine. Though my favorite "LC family" computer was probably the LC 475. It was just so amazingly fast. And I suppose you could overclock it to 33MHz as described here and make it even cooler to make a sort of "ultimate LC". Though I always thought the overclocking was just...
  17. uliwitness

    Help with a clamshell iBook -- backlight often won't come on

    I had a similar issue with my pearl white G3 iBook where it turned out that a chip (graphics chip? logic board? I don't remember.) on the main board had come loose. Applying pressure to the lower right of the case from below would re-establish contact. I think it was basically caused by the case...
  18. uliwitness

    Stacksmith: Reverse Engineering HyperCard

    Stacksmith's current format actually is XML. Kind of like HTML, though structurally more like HyperCard's original file format. I'll likely keep this format, as it works well as "source code" for checking into version control and for archiving as you say. That said, performance for database-like...
  19. uliwitness

    Quadra 840av never gets to Happy Mac (grey screen with working mouse)

    Thanks, will check that out! Yeah, thinking I'll check out the local hackerspace to see if they have anyone who's done this stuff and will let me watch while they do it, so I can learn.