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  1. Scott Baret

    Mac SE Prototype *PICTURES*

    Bumping this old thread because...this computer is about to go on the market in about 15 minutes...
  2. Scott Baret

    LCWeb, a 68k web server

    Awesome work!!
  3. Scott Baret

    SE/30 HDD LED - Red or Yellow?

    I think one of you out there has an SE with a blue LED. I'm 90% sure I sold one to a user on here three years ago. I bought the LED at Radio Shack when it was still around.
  4. Scott Baret

    Recently-recapped SE/30 went "bang" - a tantalum-capacitor cautionary atle

    Count me in as another one who no longer likes the idea of tantalum caps. Some years ago, I posted about a re-capped LC having some video interference issues. The LC had tantalum caps on its board and I believe they may have been a little off from the original values. After switching to...
  5. Scott Baret

    SE/30 HDD LED - Red or Yellow?

    From my experience: The early SE had red, which I usually have seen paired with a MiniScribe. Sometime around the SE/30 launch, amber began to be used quite frequently. Green is a rare color in the SE line but I've seen it on an OEM drive (including in the SuperDrive model). Most SE/30s I've...
  6. Scott Baret

    No dumb questions? Maybe this one…

    I own nine pizza box LCs and not one of them came with a screw, including the one I bought new. If it had one in the box, it got tossed in 1992, but I don’t remember one ever being in there.
  7. Scott Baret

    Hypothesis: Apple intended to launch the LC475/Q605 in late summer 1993

    Was this computer ever intended to be called the LC IV? I remember my dad saying something about a rumored "LC IV" at some point in 1993 right around the time this computer officially came out. (Note: he didn't work for Apple, nor was he in the tech sector; he was, however, a teacher and was in...
  8. Scott Baret

    Back Porting the Classic ROM to the SE

    Or you could just go the lazy route, put the contents of the Classic's ROM disk on a floppy, and use it to boot the Mac. It's 6.0.3, so it will work. Also, does anyone know the story behind the funky Brightness control panel on the ROM disk? It's a vertical slider and the sun icon is thinner...
  9. Scott Baret

    9" Compact Completists?

    I don’t think anyone here has yet mentioned the platinum 512Ke that wasn’t badged as an ED. It looks like a Plus from the front with the non-square Apple logo being in line with the drive, but has no silkscreened words on it. The rear is a 512k bucket in platinum. I’ve only ever seen one and I...
  10. Scott Baret

    are Classics especially prone to hardware failure?

    They were designed to be cheap. The Classic is essentially a repackaged SE SuperDrive with a bunch of features missing (expansion slot, second floppy, second ADB port). There are some very obvious cost-cutting measures such as the smaller board, inferior power supply (compare it to the Sony in...
  11. Scott Baret

    9" Compact Completists?

    Don't forget the case variation of the Classic II. Some have the speaker grille, some (mostly very early ones from 1991) don't.
  12. Scott Baret

    The Manhole

    Just don't be so pointless that we have to refer you to the Department of Redundancy Department...
  13. Scott Baret

    The Manhole

    Awesome score there! I always thought Cyan's best titles were the three earliest ones: The Manhole, Cosmic Osmo, and Spelunx. (I always wished they would have made more rooms for Spelunx and I have long thought about trying to program one, but alas, my art skills are nowhere near my HyperCard...
  14. Scott Baret

    Announcing the Tetris Max High Score Contest, October 14

    @bigmessowires since we're talking a lot about the reasons we love Tetris Max, I have to ask...how did you and Peter Wagner get acquainted? The music in the game is great and there are actually quite a few remixes of the song on YouTube, believe it or not.
  15. Scott Baret

    Announcing the Tetris Max High Score Contest, October 14

    The Cook Tetris sounds like a really awful adaptation of the game, but there is one far worse than that called Tetricycle...OK, who remembers the big reason that one was so bad?!?
  16. Scott Baret

    Announcing the Tetris Max High Score Contest, October 14

    Good thing I bought that LC 575 in June and convinced myself to hold on to it.
  17. Scott Baret

    Reassembled Mac SE case doesn't *quite* fit...

    Do you have any photos?
  18. Scott Baret

    LC 575 refurb options?

    I'd say the logic board recap is your first step. If you're not good after that, recap the AB. I've heard they fail sometimes on the 5xx, but I've mostly heard about issues with the AB on the somewhat related Color Classic.