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  1. nglevin

    16 color Sierra AGi games released for Macintosh II on later 68x Macs

    You are probably out of luck, as this tech note indicates that 32-bit QuickDraw was put into every ROM starting from the Macintosh IIci, and AFAIK it was only "optional" for System 6. I do wonder if someone could fix the games in a patch to address 32 bit QD compatibility, but that might...
  2. nglevin

    16 color Sierra AGi games released for Macintosh II on later 68x Macs

    AGI was the first proper "game engine" for Sierra's adventure games, one that happened to be best optimized for the PCjr and the Tandy computer that was built as a clone of it. It was replaced in 1989 with SCI0 for "hires" 320x200 pixel graphics, object-oriented scripting, proper music (Roland...
  3. nglevin

    Plain Text Editor Mac OS X(PowerPC)

    TextWrangler, though you'll have to contact Bare Bones about old versions. Contact info in that page. TextMate 1.5 isn't free, but I still pay for new copies when I'm doing stuff in Tiger/Leopard.
  4. nglevin

    Best way to archive vintage Mac floppies & CD's to images

    Depends on the system. When there isn't a Time Machine, there is rsync and cron/systemd on the POSIXes. For any data on CF cards, typically only a few GB each, I end up doing a block-level copy of the entire device with all of its partitions as a single file with dd.
  5. nglevin

    System 7.5 sound in options for Roland MT32

    This isn't a better solution, but this is a cheaper alternative I was thinking about. You could use a wire splitter for all those stereo 3.5mm inputs through a single 3.5mm output, which will allow you to share a set of speakers but—and this is the major catch—every additional audio input will...
  6. nglevin

    Kida on a IIe

    Was Kid Pix on the IIe? :) I remember Rocky's Boots being fun... and Apple LOGO II, of course.
  7. nglevin

    DD for windows issue

    If it isn’t too slow, you could try Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 and its version of the POSIX standard dd. Can’t guarantee success, besides that it seems like the better endorsed solution than the Windows XP vintage build of dd you are linking to.
  8. nglevin

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    I have a fondness for Rhapsody, Mac OS X 10.2 and Mac OS X 10.5. Rhapsody is kind of tricky to keep running as IIRC it changes some boot settings (in Open Firmware?) which are only kept alive by the good graces of your PRAM battery if you ever happen to disconnect your Mac from power. That...
  9. nglevin

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    I am interested, having gone through at least three PSUs over the years.
  10. nglevin

    System 7.5 sound in options for Roland MT32

    Before I forget, the simplest and cheapest option is really to go with a 3.5mm stereo female to 3.5mm stereo female adapter, like this one from Monoprice. I'm hopeful that the Logitech speakers will just work with this, and especially for the price, it's worth trying. LC audio will still be...
  11. nglevin

    System 7.5 sound in options for Roland MT32

    I assume you mean the Logitech Z2300 PC speakers, which (manual) regrettably have the cable with the 3.5mm output jack attached to subwoofer through what it calls a "d-sub plug" instead of a standard 3.5mm input jack? (Looking at this; what is a "wired remote control" and why is this permanently...
  12. nglevin

    System 7.5 sound in options for Roland MT32

    I still maintain that, if you set up your computer audio system like it was done "back in the day", the synth should not be connected to the computer's microphone or "sound in" jack. That will cause the synth's audio to be downsampled to the level of your computer's audio input, which for most...
  13. nglevin

    PowerExpress/PowerMac 9700 Prototype

    Some fellow on Twitter recorded this as a video. Not isolated from background noise and missing two of your bezels, but still. :)
  14. nglevin

    Apple Sound Chip (ASC) - Did anything utilize the synthesis?

    ConcertWare+, which he identifies towards the end of his latest video (Macintosh ... corrections). At first I thought it was a Steve Capps music app, but no, turns out it's a full synthLAB equivalent with music notation that still mostly runs fine on System 6. Neat!
  15. nglevin

    3D modeling/rendering on 68K Macs

    You could say the same of several of the Kai-branded tools. KPT2 had gel buttons before there was ever a Mac OS X. :-p
  16. nglevin

    Centris 610 and other things

    I still see a number of db15 to VGA adapters on eBay, with and without dip switches, from Chinese and USA sellers. It helps if you zero in on the exact type of product and its specs, for upgrades. Model numbers, type of RAM (30 pin SIMMs), and so on. If you want speed, you probably will be...
  17. nglevin

    ibook g4 battery not seeing full battery capacity

    Did you try going back in time?
  18. nglevin

    32-bit d-day for macOS (OS X) apps (what to do about emulators)

    I'd peg the best time to hop on board Catalina, if you need it, to be around March 2020. That's a few months after January 2020, when Apple plans to make app notarization mandatory for apps distributed outside the Mac App Store. The original plan for notarization was for it to be another...
  19. nglevin

    Email on Powermac G4? (OSX 10.4 Tiger)

    A small bump, but I can report that, if you turn off saving passwords to the system keychain and the auto-updater, GyazMail 1.5.21 works fine in Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.14. It's a shareware client that costs $18. The developer has had the wisdom to add sensible defaults, like turning off...
  20. nglevin

    .dsk raw floppy format?

    Some of us settled on Mac OS X Leopard Server and VMware Fusion, in the absence of a solution like FuseHFS for the latest Fuse for macOS. As far as mounting the disk images with a double click in Finder, for any given Mac OS X going at least as far back as when Tiger introduced the file system...