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  1. ObeyDaleks

    Replacement optical drive and bracket for G4 Cube?

    Here’s how you ACTUALLY fix a cube CD-ROM with a slipping eject mechanism: The ejection roller consists of a long metal rod and a rubber surround (that’s actually two rubber tubes that meet in the middle). The rubber is just press fit on the rod. What happens with these drives is that over...
  2. ObeyDaleks

    jmacz journey

    Did you go through the full Compact Virtual installation? I’m pretty sure that’s key (and you get to choose from a list of accelerators). I remember that sometimes i had better luck reinstalling with a less obvious accelerator option. You might try playing around with it. The extension icon...
  3. ObeyDaleks

    G4 cube ceased to work

    As weird as it may sound, sometimes a simple pram reset works to get these new processors working. Did you try that?
  4. ObeyDaleks

    Risk crashes in BlueSCSI & Basilisk, same app works on real HDD/68k & Mini vMac

    Risk was one of my favorite games during that era. I still play it quite often. Mine also crashes in all my Macs, except my B/W compacts (SE, SE/30, Classic, Classic II), and only when running System 7.1 or earlier. They all use BlueSCSI drives. I’m pretty sure I have the black and white...
  5. ObeyDaleks

    Source for purchasing a MC68851 PMMU for a Macintosh II

    Yep, I just wanted to mention it as an alternative way of adding memory capacity (if that is the goal for someone reading this). Mine has the PMMU as well as the SuperDrive (SWIM/ROM) upgrade. But I stuck a 040 in there to make a bit more snappy. I can always return it to stock by swapping...
  6. ObeyDaleks

    Source for purchasing a MC68851 PMMU for a Macintosh II

    FYI, another option is to find the Daystar adapter and use the PowerCache or the Turbo040 card. This will provide the MMU upgrade as well (plus a speed boost). Although, those adapters are fairly rare.
  7. ObeyDaleks

    How white is the Apple IIc?

    Looks really nice! It’s so hard to appreciate pictures of nice restorations because of the white balance shenanigans. I’m sure yours looks close to original, but then someone takes a picture of a completely yellow/brown one and the picture looks just as good. It’s a shocking difference...
  8. ObeyDaleks

    Macintosh II supporting more than 8MB of RAM issues

    Here you go. I’ve used these and they work great. https://www.tindie.com/products/garrettswrkshp/gw4194a-4x4mb-pal-simm-ram-for-mac-ii-and-iix/ Edit: Whoops I realized it’s out of stock. Maybe he will make some more soon? You can ask.
  9. ObeyDaleks

    G4 cube ceased to work

    Hey, sorry to hear about your troubles. Is there any sign of life? The original VRM has a green LED that lights up if the PSU is plugged in. Does the Artmix one light up? If not, can you try the original VRM? Is the VRM board touching anything, like the pillar? If the PSU is confirmed good...
  10. ObeyDaleks

    Cache Slot G3 Upgrade - weird reboot?

    So I got the Sonnet G3 card (same clock speed) to see how it compares and, while the card doesn’t reboot like the Interware card, it pauses for a pretty long time before it starts loading extensions. I assume that pause is where the “magic” happens. So it’s pretty much a wash, although the...
  11. ObeyDaleks

    MDD Power Supply options

    I think I researched it briefly back in the day and I couldn’t find an easy way to preserve ADC. But I wasn’t too worried about it since I was upgrading to a DVI graphics card anyway. You can always use the DVI to ADC power brick. I assume most people go this route when converting to ATX (and...
  12. ObeyDaleks

    MDD Power Supply options

    I don’t know if you have ever listened to a working stock MDD PSU, but they are insanely loud. That’s the main reason I prefer an ATX conversion for the MDD.
  13. ObeyDaleks

    Macintosh II revision I've not found reference to

    What function does the capacitor serve in the aftermarket mod? I assume it’s just for load regulation?
  14. ObeyDaleks

    PowerMac G4 Digital Audio - Install Radeon 9000 Pro Help

    As @Phipli said, you still want to remove the old ATI extensions (everything that starts with ATI) and install new ones that work with your card. Just search for “Mac OS 9.x (whichever you’re running) ATI 9000 drivers”.
  15. ObeyDaleks

    PowerMac G4 Digital Audio - Install Radeon 9000 Pro Help

    Seems like it could be a driver/extension problem. Does it boot with extensions off?
  16. ObeyDaleks

    So, recapping g4 cube psu…

    Is this a proactive recap, or is the PSU dead? Just wondering if this is worth doing on a working PSU. I don’t have a lot of experience with the cube - are the PSUs prone to failure?
  17. ObeyDaleks

    Best QS G4 AGP card?

    Hmm I didn’t know that. Mine is a flashed PC version and it is rock solid in my MDD.
  18. ObeyDaleks

    Best QS G4 AGP card?

    I believe the 7800 GS is supposed to be the “best”, but I tried one (flashed it myself) and it was so hot and noisy, I went back to my trusty 9800 Pro. I use it with the OG 23” Cinema Display using the ADC converter brick. 9800 Pro will be a huge upgrade from your 9000. Halo runs like butter...
  19. ObeyDaleks

    New Macintosh SE

    Hmm perhaps my memory is a bit skewed. My SE and SE/30 recaps (4 total) were a good while ago and I've done a lot of other recaps since then with lots of leaky radials.