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  1. IIfx

    PowerMac 6100, Performa 450 , Mac IIsi

    Recommend kludging in a PCI slot fan underneath the hard drive sled in the 6100, have the exhaust side of the fan pointing to the 601, and the intake facing the grid on the bottom of the case. Makes the 6100 run way cooler, and makes it more stable. I found mine to be very unreliable without...
  2. IIfx

    2 of the fastest laptops of 1997 - Powerbook 3400c and something special

    The RDI PowerLite now has a ZuluSCSI laptop edition installed. Works great! Insanely fast CD drive emulation. Looks like I will be able to get this thing going with the default notebook edition config. I have a new NVRAM module on order to fix the lack of date/time and constantly forgetting the...
  3. IIfx

    Reasons why the Apple 8.24 GC NUBUS video card is so desirable

    It pairs with the IIfx, so it just picks up the aura of the system it was meant for. I’d like to have one for the sake of completeness, but the Radius/Apple 24 bit card I have is working well.
  4. IIfx

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    I have a SPARCStation 5 that would be perfect for running NeXTStep, it has the AFX 24 bit framebuffer and 256mb RAM. Right now it has a very cozy Solaris 2.6 install loaded with period software and modern GNU utils.
  5. IIfx

    ZuluSCSI V1.1 for PowerBooks is here

    I ordered 1 of these for use in the RDI PowerLite SPARC laptop, it's a SPARCStation 5 refactored into a laptop, that happens to take the same unobtainable 2.5 inch SCSI drives as the PowerBook line. Since I did not want to take the last 2 working 2.5 inch drives I have out of my 68k PowerBook...
  6. IIfx

    2 of the fastest laptops of 1997 - Powerbook 3400c and something special

    The Tadpole SPARCBook systems have superior build quality to the RDI because they were made of mag-alloy instead of plastic. I think the RDI systems were more expandable and had bigger screens and larger battery packs though. Eventually Tadpole bought RDI, then Tadpole got bought by General...
  7. IIfx

    2 of the fastest laptops of 1997 - Powerbook 3400c and something special

    The RDI was $530. A lot of money for a vintage system, but in this case completely justified given the rarity. This was the first time I’ve seen a SPARC laptop for sale in years. PB3400: RDI:
  8. IIfx

    2 of the fastest laptops of 1997 - Powerbook 3400c and something special

    First conquest in a while. I go through random waves of acquisitions despite having piles of projects. I'm at the point where I have enough things to work on for what would probably be a decade. Apple's Triumph of early 1997: 3400c/180 This one was as-is, $75. I lucked out, it's mint and has...
  9. IIfx

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    So, I got the following items in the mail for the NeXT's from Black Hole Computing: 2x New Old Stock slab PSU's SCSI2SD with NS3.3 Image pre-loaded Also got a set of new Panasonic batteries from Digikey for both slabs. Got the slab with 32mb of RAM working. It had a bad PSU preventing it...
  10. IIfx

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    They can leak like on anything else, but these have not leaked at all, and probably do not need to be swapped. The dust layer around them is not oily at all. From what I can tell reading up on the slabs, their main weak point is the passively cooled power supply unit. Well, it's kind of passive...
  11. IIfx

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    This was a big score for me, haven't had a big conquest in a long time. Obtained a very nice NeXTStation Color set, with 2 slabs (with sound boxes and keyboards/mice), 1 MegaPixel 17 inch CRT, and a lot of software and documentation. There will be quite a bit of work to be done to fix these...
  12. IIfx

    Mac IIfx logic board with dead nubus slots

    Mine had exactly 2 SM electrolytic. I replaced them with SM polymer. IIfx board is unique in that it has redundant pads for caps - 1 set for SM eletrolytic, and 1 set for sm tantalum. In the areas with axial caps there are sm pads underneath.
  13. IIfx

    Daystar Genesis MP (again!)

    W3.1 under Mac OS under BeOS - some serious layer cake computing going on there! BeOS is SMP aware right? So it should be running quite well with that load. Reminds me of my SPARCStation 20 running MAE and SunPC (WfW3.11) at the same time with dual HyperSPARC's - same kind of layer cake...
  14. IIfx

    Putting the “Power” in a PowerBook

    Honestly, a Powerbook 5xx with the 603e is a better laptop than the 5300 line. Similar system architecture too, but in a not-horrible form factor. My 540c is still one of my favorite laptops - if only I could find new batteries for it.
  15. IIfx

    Mac IIfx logic board with dead nubus slots

    The only things I can think of to check is the UF7 and UI7 chipsets - these are the NuBus bus interfaces. Also closely check the area around UK4, that is the NuBus clock gen chip. Is it possible dirt in a NuBus slot is causing this issue?
  16. IIfx

    Macintosh II Mac Alley accelerator removal

    It looks like it's mounted just like the original CPU into the pin socket. Pull it out evenly to not bend the pins on the bottom of the card.
  17. IIfx

    Latest Trade: Mac IIci and others

    Recap job doesn’t look good on the IIci. Never was a fan of using through hole parts in a SM application. If it works, it works, but consider redoing it with surface mount polymer or tantalum caps. Nice portrait display, uncommon find!
  18. IIfx

    Custom G4 Accelrator - 1.5ghz + other goodies

    Picked up a custom made G4 accelerator off of eBay. Someone is doing these as a hobby and selling small volumes of accelerators. It's a modded Apple 800mhz board with a 7455 chip soldered on and the required mods to set the clock to 1.5ghz. Paid $150 on eBay, works great. Scores 857 on...
  19. IIfx

    A very late 040

    If it’s hot, it’s probably not an L88M and it’s a reseller fake with the original markings wiped off the top.
  20. IIfx

    A very late 040

    Well, it isn't a Performa 630. It's a 6320CD. No idea how this happened, somehow the seller wrote "Performa 630", the photos showed a Performa 630, but the computer front panel says 6320 and the logic board is a 6320. The serial number matches what was in the listing. Totally confused. The...