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  1. IlikeTech

    Mac Plus CRT/Analog board distortion.

    Why are the images snipped out of the thread? It's a little hard to see what's meant here.
  2. IlikeTech

    Compact Mac retina display

    Wow, awesome!  It's strange seeing greyscale VGA on a Compact Mac CRT, that's for sure.
  3. IlikeTech

    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    Well, I wound up using this machine as a CRT donor to fix his other machine that had a CRT with some deep gouges in the front glass from being set down screen side down on the ground at the dump where it was found.  That machine is a tray-loader and should be much more reliable in the grand...
  4. IlikeTech

    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    I'm going to try heating the board up with a hairdryer, I can see if getting things warm allows it to power on.  If it does, I'll go ahead and replace the caps.  If not, It's likely the flyback and that's unobtainium unfortunately.
  5. IlikeTech

    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    Nope, VGA port isn't populated.  The problem is the PSU won't even start up, I don't think it's a logic board issue.
  6. IlikeTech

    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    Hi all, I'm looking at a 350MHz iMac for a friend.  It doesn't power on when the button is pressed at all.  I can hear the high voltage come up for a second, and then slowly discharge when the button is pressed.  The Power LED doesn't come on, or even flash.  I don't hear the CRT degauss.  I do...
  7. IlikeTech

    Macintosh Classic stuck on screensaver and won't boot into OS

    Yes, if the hard drive shows up on the desktop.  Open the hard drive, and then the System folder, and then Control Panels.  Remove anything related to the screensaver (I would move it, not delete it, just outside the system folder).  Then, do the same thing in extensions.  Then see if it boots.
  8. IlikeTech

    LC II Reverse polarity capacitor

    Did you power it up with the cap backwards?  if not just turn it around.
  9. IlikeTech

    My Portable just blew it's (new) battery. (M5120)

    Not sure why it failed, but those voltages look normal to me, as lead acid is normally higher nominally than the 6 volt label, and charge voltage a bit higher than that.
  10. IlikeTech

    GCC on A/UX?

    Is this on your Quadra 650?  If so, it has onboard Ethernet.  You should get an AAUI to RJ45 transciever so you can use Ethernet instead of burning CD coasters.
  11. IlikeTech

    Formac Accelerator Driver (finally?)

    That card looks super easy to clone.  Hmmm.
  12. IlikeTech

    Repair a 15" Multiscan

    What is the number on it?  It may be a diode in a TO-220 case.
  13. IlikeTech

    Made ROM SIMMs, wrote ROMdisk driver, need help debugging

    TattleTech.  Super useful for hardware related stuff.  Also the SetDate utility, because otherwise you can’t set the correct date and time on anything older than OS 9.
  14. IlikeTech

    Resurrecting a few 128k/512k boards

    Also, please use sockets for swapping chips like this.  Much less damage to the board if you have to make changes and makes finding bad chips much faster.
  15. IlikeTech

    Not Mac but pretty cool

    Let the dual wielding begin!
  16. IlikeTech

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    This is really awesome.  I'll be looking forward to seeing the first repro SE board booted up! The SE/30 has more custom logic, no?  Is it possible to program another chip with the VLSI code?  Or would some modern replacement need to be made? RE LCDs:  While this is probably the only way to...
  17. IlikeTech

    Macintosh SE/30 Schematics (modernization effort)

    I really doubt that they care about these machines at all, much less go after someone recreating the PCBs.  It's been done for the Apple II machines, so I doubt they would start now!  No worries!
  18. IlikeTech

    MacEffects Clear Case REVIEW, for SE & SE/30

    You know, if you think about it, the manufacturer put it on for a reason, and there was probably a good one.
  19. IlikeTech

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    Soldering one of these together sounds like a lot of fun!  My SE board works, but I wouldn't mind putting one together to test!
  20. IlikeTech

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    I paid literally 1 USD for my untested (working) 15 inch 1.5 GHz AlPB.  It's not even really dinged up.