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  1. jeremywork

    Loosening Powerbook g4 Ti Hinges

    I took a risk and sprayed mine with PB B'laster a few years back. It made a significant difference, maybe 80% of the way back to new. It's still pretty smooth today, and hasn't ruined any of the paint/finish. If you try this, use plenty of paper towels to keep the spray off the screen and...
  2. jeremywork

    Kanga questions - RAM and XPostFacto

    Not sure of the technical difference, but if I recall correctly: KTA-PBG3/128 is recognized as 64MB in 3400 models (80MB total); 128MB in Kanga. KTA-PB3400/128 is not recognized in Kanga (boots with only 32MB onboard); 128MB in 3400. Both variants use the same KTA-PB3400/128 PCB. Eventually...
  3. jeremywork

    LC630 DOS Compatible supports 64MB SIMMs - 84MB total!

    64MB FPM should work in the DOS card, but EDO won’t (which is what I had tried.) 640s should be the same as two-slot 630s; the photo I posted was of my 640CD.
  4. jeremywork

    GeeThree Sweet MultiPort

    These are nifty, though a bit peculiar in design. The PCI card which connects to it contains hubs instead of controllers. Busses communicate via external loopback cables from the logic board’s controllers, which I don’t really understand the rationale for. The USB hub is 2.0, so it’s really best...
  5. jeremywork

    OrangePC 290

    Too bad the wayback machine didn't catch that one... Here's the page content including jumper settings:
  6. jeremywork

    Running the IBM T221 on vintage (new world) Macs

    Thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. Without the LFH-60 to DVI-DL adapter(s) the closest alternatives rely on having one or two of the ‘stock’ LFH60 to dual DVI-SL with USB cables. If you have one of these cables I’d recommend the Matrox DualHead2Go DP Edition or TripleHead2Go DP...
  7. jeremywork

    SSD Solution For 5500

    I’m still using a spinning drive in my 5500, but I’ve had good success running a CF-IDE and a 128GB SanDisk Extreme CF card on the TAM’s built-in IDE. In theory the two aren’t dissimilar.
  8. jeremywork

    Need guidance w/zuluscsi

    I think everything is working as intended, but the 8600 will only boot up to 9.1 unless the system has been modified to bypass this limitation. OS 9 helper can be used to update an already present installation of 9.1, but I'm not sure if a 9.2.1 CD exists in a pre-modified state...
  9. jeremywork

    How to Transfer Data From 2.5" SCSI Drives Without a PowerBook

    If you have enough of a PowerBook carcass and the requisite SCSI cable it can be done by booting the PowerBook and then hitting non-masked interrupt after the drive powers on. If you can plug the HD into the powerbook logic board and either press the programmer’s switch or connect an ADB...
  10. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    I've removed all but the 'repaired' install and an empty 25MB PC drive file on the desktop. This should at least let PC setup run and boot the PC from a ZuluSCSI. The 8.1 install is complete and OT1.3 is already installed. There'll be an extra Farallon driver in there but should be innocuous...
  11. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    At the end of last post I archived the working copy of the Zulu image before reverting it. Back to the same set of two folders I had at the beginning of last post: one from the IDE drive works, other installed directly onto the Zulu doesn't. As at the end of my prior tests, all of the PC Setup...
  12. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    Since I currently seem to have a single partition on the ZuluSCSI with one working System Folder and one broken one, I pulled the SD and made a copy of the img file before proceeding. I'll recheck that the System Folder I copied off the IDE still has a functioning PC Setup cp and the System...
  13. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    Test #1: • Downloaded Drive Setup 1.7.3 and the patcher; created patched version on the IDE drive. (http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php/FormatWithBasiliskII) • Set the startup disk back to the IDE, then formatted the ZuluSCSI as a single 2GB partition (untitled) using patched Drive Setup...
  14. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    Hmm, I'm beginning to suspect something is still probing my IDE and finding the Apple Drive, even if it's not mounted. I'm going to try Drive Setup on the ZuluSCSI to see if that produces your symptom before I try to remove the IDE drive without breaking plastic.
  15. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    I've never used a ZuluSCSI before, so some of these steps may be obvious: • Inserted new SanDisk card to a USB card reader, left it formatted MS-DOS/Fat32 since that's how it came. • Opened Disk Copy in classic environment on the Pismo and created a 2GB image file called HD1.img; formatted it...
  16. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    I actually didn't. I created an image in Disk Copy and installed 8.1 from the CD while still booted from 7.5.1 on the HD, then copied the contents of the image directly onto the HD so I could select it with System Picker. The HD's creation date says November 1995, so it's likely factory. I...
  17. jeremywork

    Getting G3 Whisper Perch USB working

    I know it needs refining still, but this is very cool to see. Nice work!
  18. jeremywork

    LC 630 DOS + OS 8.1 = PC SETUP will not load

    Interesting to see that result. Did you format the IDE drive HFS or HFS+? I also had mixed results formatting a CF-AztecMonster using many programs which worked great on hard drives. I know the SCSI bridge is likely to change the scenario, but in that case the most successful formatters were...
  19. jeremywork

    Surprise in an LC 580

    The bit about modifying the supply for PCI voltage is correct, but the 5300 is the final model before the switch to PCI. Yours should be perfectly compatible as far as I've heard. The 580/630/5200/6200/5300/6300(except the 6300/160MHz) are all share a board form factor and are equipped with an...