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  1. ScutBoy

    GBSCSI - A cheap(er?) solution to replacement storage

    Carrier board is fine :)
  2. ScutBoy

    GBSCSI - A cheap(er?) solution to replacement storage

    Will be watching to see when the SCA variant(s) are avaiable!
  3. ScutBoy

    LaserWriter IINT flashing no paper, now flashing both no paper and jam

    Very likely a bad power supply block. Not hard to replace. It's the same part as used in HP Laserjets of the period. My old notes say these are the suitable part numbers. Of course, you can recap/repair the one you have. RG9-0205 RG9-0319 HP SX-ACPM-B
  4. ScutBoy

    Can anyone lend a hand configuring a Shiva FastPath 5?

    Funny, mine did not have ears, either. I have a bunch of various in a box somewhere. If I find some that work and can send a set along, I will.
  5. ScutBoy

    Can anyone lend a hand configuring a Shiva FastPath 5?

    Oh - not so sure about that :)
  6. ScutBoy

    Can anyone lend a hand configuring a Shiva FastPath 5?

    A little thread necro, but look at what I found in the teardown pile at Free Geek Twin Cities! Fastpath 5R - basically two FP5 boards in a rackmount case. I never thought I'd see one in the wild. Bummer is that it has only the 10Base-2 modules. Would love to find/trade for either the AUI...
  7. ScutBoy

    IIci etc. ATX to 10pin Adapter

    If you have spares, I'd happily pay for a couple plus shipping to me. If not, I'll just go ahead and order up the stuff and make my own.
  8. ScutBoy

    Franklin Ace 2200 keyboard?

    Free Geek Twin Cities recently got a donation of a Franklin Ace 2200, but unfortunately without they keyboard. I thought I would ask here in case anyone might have a spare or know of some other solutions to at least see what the functionality is of this guy. I see some older posts on VCF.org...
  9. ScutBoy

    Mac Hut is back

    Yes - CubeOwner was awesome
  10. ScutBoy

    A/UX and the Radius Rocket?

    Run picky software on picky hardware? What could go wrong? :)
  11. ScutBoy

    Linux for PowerPC, a development journal thread

    NIce! Thanks for the hard work! Sparc will be fun :)
  12. ScutBoy

    Setting up a PC Trasporter on a IIGS

    Oh good! I have one of these and many of the pieces, but haven't taken the time to figure it all out. This will be both a guide and a spur to action!
  13. ScutBoy

    Outbound laptop internal docking cable

    Bringing this thread back - the whole internal Outbound connection card/cable/etc. for the Mac Plus showed up on eBay. $1700...
  14. ScutBoy

    Apple Network Server 500 lives (sort of)

    Good to know! I'm OK for now, but will hit you up if I ever fall down this hole again!
  15. ScutBoy

    I just bought a rare computer that isn't a Mac, but which looks like one for an interesting reason...

    They look cool - I remember them from back in the day. I seem to remember that yes, they were almost IBM compatible :)
  16. ScutBoy

    Best method for lubricating a Macintosh Portable display hinge?

    Glad it found the right home!
  17. ScutBoy

    Apple Network Server 500 lives (sort of)

    Oh yes - done and done! :) I had thought I removed the battery from my ANS, but a new logic board/CPU/RAID card later were the price for not checking! Was able to source the logic board and CPU as Apple parts, but had to get a generic Mylex RAID card and move over the Apple specific ROM from...
  18. ScutBoy

    Apple Network Server 500 lives (sort of)

    Nice! Be aware that with the battery out (which is a good idea, ask me how I know) the NVRAM may not hold the boot device string. Make a note of it if you can. For example, with my ANS with RAID card, the boot command is boot pci1/dac960/sd@8:aix You can set this in NVRAM with the setenv...