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  1. cy384

    PowerClip reproduction

    There's a new thread here and a longer one with a variety of experimentation here.
  2. cy384

    PowerClip reproduction

    It's basically an oscillator with a multiplier, the circuit is very simple. The tricky bit is the mechanical design for the clipping. There are a few other approaches to overclocking Quadras, there are a number of threads here discussing it. Usually people will solder on a new oscillator, but...
  3. cy384

    New Awesome and Easy Way to Bump a Wombat to 40MHz

    nice find! I don't think ethernet issues are common at 40 MHz, even on OS 8.1 mine is fine at 44 MHz (no idea if my ROM changes have any effect on ethernet, probably not).
  4. cy384

    Headless Classic Mac OS 'server' in an emulator

    are you looking for a nice way to have it start automatically (and manually stop/start, plus logging)? making it a systemd service shouldn't be too hard
  5. cy384

    OS9 Programming & UTF-8

    there's an extension called "Text Encoding Converter", if you can find developer documentation somewhere it might have what you need, but likely it's utf16.
  6. cy384

    Looks like TLS 1.3 has been made to work on Windows 3.1. Can the same be done for System 7?

    I extremely strongly recommend retro68 instead of vintage compilers if you want to use modern OSS libraries. A basic build of mbedtls was mostly tricky cmake/config setup instead of a completely intractable missing headers and missing compiler feature slog. I could give some pointers if you're...
  7. cy384

    Apple prototype ROM flasher utility

    I am, btw, definitely interested in this experiment, if anyone has tips on where in the code this rom size decision gets made I could try it out.
  8. cy384

    Debugging via QEMU

    While I think it might be possible to directly hook ghidra to QEMU, I'm definitely not doing anything so sophisticated. It's more of a manual, side by side situation. I have the ROM loaded in ghidra, my a traps hack, ghidra's automatic disasembly, labels loaded from the ROM maps, and...
  9. cy384

    Debugging via QEMU

    Nice, I actually wrote a script to load the ROM map files into Ghidra, same idea. Thanks for all your work on QEMU!
  10. cy384

    68040 Heatsink options

    I've used indium foil instead of paste (on a 68040 and a modern power9 chip), but I think they really need high pressure to work well (much moreso than paste). I have a heatsink that kinda screws in to push down on the 68040 to ensure good contact, but it's an old aftermarket part, so not...
  11. cy384

    Debugging via QEMU

    Somewhat recently, QEMU support has been developed for the Quadra 800. This is great for a few reasons, but one that I think is uniquely useful is the debugging tools you can use with it. I was going to do a nice full tutorial, but sadly been too busy with work and other matters, so I hope...
  12. cy384

    A/UX "launch -b", a note

    Interesting find. Somewhat tangential, I've been experimenting with using QEMU for debugging ROM changes. You can hook in with gdb and a lot of other powerful functionality. I believe the Q800 emulation in QEMU is good enough to run A/UX. Have you tried it at all? If not, I could put up...
  13. cy384

    unirom: an Old World ROM info dumper

    The 660/840 ROM won't boot a Q650 (source: I tried it).
  14. cy384

    Faster MacOS by patching NewPtrClear?

    Very nice investigation!
  15. cy384

    Interest in a new code archive?

    For modern development, it's usually pretty easy to find code examples. Stuff like stack overflow, online documentation, and github code search make most practical information very easy to find. In the classic Mac era, there were a few sources of code I can think of: * Apple SDKs and...
  16. cy384

    Looks like TLS 1.3 has been made to work on Windows 3.1. Can the same be done for System 7?

    mbedtls can be built with retro68, I use it for ssheven. A 68030 barely has the horsepower to do SSH without timing out. Web browsing would be pretty miserable. The problem is that you can't really bolt this into any 90s applications, even ones with the source available would be a lot of...
  17. cy384

    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    I tried running this ROM in my machine, which is basically a Quadra 650, but it set up the memory controller exactly the same as the stock ROM. I believe it may be looking for a different gestalt machine ID; mine is set up to report being a 36. The prototype machine may be the elusive gestalt...
  18. cy384

    Serial Wacom ArtPad II for Macintosh Plus Question

    oh, whoops, totally forgot, sorry!
  19. cy384

    Serial Wacom ArtPad II for Macintosh Plus Question

    I have a wacom pen partner ct-0405-a that I use with my Mac SE. Make sure to get an ADB one (can tell by the cable and the model number ends in A, not R). The artpad models and the UD models like UD-0608-A should also work.
  20. cy384

    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    oh, btw, I wrote a little program to inspect the djmemc (memory controller) settings, at some point hopefully I'll have time to burn this ROM and test it out on my machine, if anyone else wants to try, I've attached it (as mac binary) there's some discussion related to this tool over in the...