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    SE/30 random reboots, then nothing?

    Someone's going to ask, so it might as well be me--have the logic board capacitors been replaced?
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    3D-printed 68030 CPU Puller

    The numbers are shown in the photo above, but for convenience, I'll write them out too: X: 40 mm (73.39%) Y: 39.2585 mm (100%) Z: 35 mm (80%) Of course, this is dependent on my printer, which is relatively well calibrated, but not perfect, so your results may vary slightly.
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    128 pin PGA sockets for 68030s that don't suck?

    Thanks for all the info everyone. ZZJ, since you mentioned extractors, you reminded me to post about the 3D-printed one I've been using. Do you think gradually levering the chip out of the socket is easier on the board, though? I was pretty uncomfortable with how much my reloaded board was...
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    3D-printed 68030 CPU Puller

    After bending a few pins by using a DIP puller to remove PGA 68030s from sockets (I know, I know) I decided I needed a better tool. I thought I'd have to design one myself, but I found this 68040 puller tool by jessenator on Thingiverse. I was able to scale it down to 68030 size, and it works...
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    128 pin PGA sockets for 68030s that don't suck?

    Like most people it seems, at least in the US, I used the HWS4514 socket from Phoenix Enterprises for the 68030 on my Reloaded board, because it's under $5 with no minimum order quantity. I have to say, though, I'm not very satisfied with it. The force required to insert and remove the CPU in...
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    Sourcing Legit MC68882 FPUs - Data

    I am happy to report that this humble 25MHz 0C35H part seems to run just fine at 47MHz in my SockeBooster. The system booted and completed a Norton benchmark without crashing, at least. Is there a good way to stress test the FPU to ensure reliability at higher speeds? Also, would it still be...
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    chiptripper's finds

    Wow, that's a really nice haul!
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    How can I securely erase a Classic II hard drive without a functioning Macintosh?

    This makes me think of the "initiator mode" on ZuluSCSI (and probably BlueSCSI too). You just hook up the HDD to the ZuluSCSI, give it power, and without a Mac or PC involved, the ZuluSCSI copies the entire contents of the HDD to an image file on the SD card. First of all, it would be a good...
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    Mac Mini 10.2 1.5GHz OC to 2GHz

    Beautiful! Thank you for documenting this.
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    Katheryn's Macintosh SE/30 saga

    Agreed on the lighting, but I'll take an old fashioned halogen fiber optic dual gooseneck illuminator over a big window any day ;)
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    Katheryn's Macintosh SE/30 saga

    If you can't see, then you need magnification. A microscope, even a cheap one, makes a world of difference.
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    Why no SE/30 L2 Cache Card?

    Thanks @zigzagjoe for the great explanation and data. Perhaps the cache logic is in the IIci's MDU chip. And since the IIsi is like a decontented IIci, it was possible/practical for a card like the Applied Engineering Quicksilver to be implemented for it, but not for earlier Macs.
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    Acquired a IIfx (yay!) Issues (boo!)

    I don't have any experience with the IIfx specifically, but my experience with that style of connector in general is that the plastic shroud is just friction-fit over the metal pins, and it's possible to just pull the shroud off, perhaps assisted by some heat. If it was my machine, though, I...
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    Why no SE/30 L2 Cache Card?

    I know that there are adapters that allow a card designed for a IIci cache slot to plug into the PDS on an SE/30, and the IIci has the Apple 32KB cache card and various aftermarket 64KB and 128KB cards as options. So, why has nobody made an SE/30 cache card? Does the SE/30 lack something that...
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    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    I hope that the movie is set in the early '90s--the Classic II will get you in the right frame of mind!
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    I made a video about upgrading a RAM card

    This is great! Your filming is good and I think you're quite good on camera. Only thing I would add is to mention that in addition to helping hold the chips in place, the tacky paste flux also removes oxidation so that the solder can flow properly and wet both the pads on the board and the legs...
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    Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?

    Probably the old 1.27mm vs. 1.2mm board thickness issue.
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    chiptripper's finds

    Hmm, 68EC030 means no MMU. I wonder how much that actually matters in practice.
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    Reviving a Power Macintosh 7500/100

    Yeah, specing ceramic caps is a pain because you really only get their rated capacitance when you measure it with a meter. In a circuit, there's voltage derating, thermal derating, dc bias aging...you need to read the datasheet carefully to try to get a part that will be close to the capacitance...
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    Anyone got the MicroMax MMXL99?

    This accelerator was cloned by Bolle and he published the design on Github: https://github.com/TheRealBolle/Performer-SE-PL-CL JC8080 posted a nice build thread here: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/mac-plus-se-performer-accelerator-build.44845/