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    Power Computing 60MHz Bus Capable Models

    All the Catalyst based machines will do 60 MHz bus.
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    Radius HPV Card?

    I would imagine that was probably the HPV card that shipped with the Radius 81/110 clone.
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    Daystar Digital "Adapter Classic" w/ PowerCache P33

    Yeah, that looks about right. Except mine is a tan PCB I think. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
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    Daystar Digital "Adapter Classic" w/ PowerCache P33

    I had to take a vintage computer hiatus for a bit, but I'm back and I bought a thing I can't find really any information about online. It appears to be "new in box". Both the adapter and the 40 Mhz PowerCache. I'll take some pictures and post them when I get a chance, but the thing is supposed...
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    "Those damn front bezels ! " - A retrospective on materials that shatter just by looking at them

    I use acetone and a very tiny brush to carefully "weld" the broken pieces together. I've tried tons of other solutions and this is the only one that has produced good results for me so far. It is however also higher risk because of it drips onto a visible surface of the plastic elsewhere it will...
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    x86 card revival thread

    I have a patched BIOS that will make it properly recognize your CPU. It's just a mapping problem in the BIOS that causes that mislabeled speed.
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    Interware VDR-2a BIOS

    My card has v1.04 on it, but I don't have a ROM reader unfortunately. Though I have been meaning to get one.
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    Interware Booster CV40-40 68040 40Mhz Macintosh CPU Accelerator

    I have the 128k L2 cache card that's for the back. Mine's on the "LC" version of basically the same card and inside my Color Classic II. If anyone wanted to try to recreate them, I'd be open to submitting mine for reverse engineering.
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    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    Outside of a NeXTstation Turbo, I've found that the most fun vintage machines to run NeXTSTEP on are compatible SPARCstations.
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    Supported PowerMac 6100 L2 sizes?

    That's really interesting. I'd love to put a 4MB L2 cache in my Nubus Power Macintoshes. Are there similar MacTech articles about the Catalyst & Tsunami architecture machines?
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    "Catalyst" vs. "Tsunami" vis-a-vis CPU daughtercard compatibility.

    The PowerComputing PowerCurve and PowerCurve Plus motherboards have a standard CPU daughtercard slot on them just like all the Apple and UMAX PCI Tsunami-based machines.
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    Supported PowerMac 6100 L2 sizes?

    I'd buy two. One for my 7100 and one for my 8100.
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    Suggestions for alternative OSes for 6100 and other NuBus-PPC?

    I would be surprised if the onboard DRAM video's framebuffer was cache mapped. That would mean both that under normal circumstances w/ a 256K L2 cache that only a small chunk of the framebuffer resided in cache and the rest in DRAM and also that the entire L2 cache is constantly and always taken...
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    Supported PowerMac 6100 L2 sizes?

    I've wondered the same thing about the Old World PCI machine's L2 cache modules. I have a few working 1MB modules and a few defunct ones that cause a machine not to chime or boot when installed. I'd donate them to any attempt to see if 2MB or 4MB can work. However, in the case of both the early...
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    Supported PowerMac 6100 L2 sizes?

    I would expect them to be fairly trivial to reproduce even by way of just modifying a stock 256k L2 cache module with alternative components to increase the capacity. I'd put some money into an experimental attempt if anyone with better soldering skills than myself wanted to have a go at it.
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    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    Blargh! Well... then I'm stumped at the moment what's going on with this thing.
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    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    This is the component in question. Outside of that there's nothing obviously amiss with the components on the card. I suppose it's possible that's enough damage to the choke to put it far enough out of spec to cause enough of a problem that the card just never inits properly and makes itself...
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    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    Hmm, yeah it's roughly the middle 3 pins on 3/4's of the sides on mine, but the top edge is a little different. I can't get this card to produce output or even show up in TattleTech on my 840AV and I have no clue as to why. There don't appear to be any damaged or missing components on the board...
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    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    Does anyone have any hi-res pics of the large IC on the Thunder/24 that's just to the left of the Nubus connector? My card has what looks like a few of the pins on each side of that IC shorted out with super tiny patches of solder.
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    Flashing a PC Voodoo4/5 to Mac( Development )

    Just DM me and maybe we can work something out. If not, no harm. They just come up so infrequently, that it's worth the attempt.