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    Browser6 - The System 6 Web Browser

    Hello all, I had taken down the browser6 host a while ago, since my participation in this community had ceased. I still browse here from time to time, though, and I noticed that this thread was not only stickied, but had new posts in it, as well. I still have the binaries and source code for...
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    found a couple neat backgrounds...

    I found a slightly higher-res version: http://www.manzzana.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/2204464029_031477491d_b.jpg
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    Running Linux on PPC Mac

    Gross. You could install 9.10 on it. It's not officially supported, so it's a bit harder to find. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/9.10/release/ Watch out though, I've had terrible experience with 9.10 before, and apparently others have too, but I haven't run it on PowerPC. :)
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    Temporarily gave up on the Portable, but I got the PB100 up!

    I had that happen to a screen when I had some PB1xx systems. If I am not mistaken it is screen rot and is unrepairable.
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    Running Linux on PPC Mac

    Never used Fedora. Ubuntu is easy to get up running assuming you have a decent internet connection.
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    Fun little project software

    In a legit complaint topic of mine about package management in Linux, as well as a request for help on how I could get around it. It turned into an argument and iMac600 ended up leaving for a few months. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9004
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    Fun little project software

    That's the second time he's left the board because of Linux.
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    Winter Warm Up 2010

    That would be amazing. Someone please do this :D
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    FTP Client for 68k

    I assume you've already tried Fetch?
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    Quicktime on the windows side

    My point is that if Apple intends updating iTunes they're going to also be updating Quicktime.
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    Quicktime on the windows side

    iTunes uses QuickTime. ;)
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    Latest acquisition: //c plus THREE IIgs and more!

    Nice score, I got a ][gs back in june but haven't been able to use it (TVs make terrible composite monitors). The one time I did use it, the power supply was making noises.
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    System 6 Browser Development Opinions

    We tried this before, it's not gonna happen. ;) We need a link up at the top filling that blank space between the wiki and irc chat. C'mon porter! Let us at least hear what features to expect in the next build. :)
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    Wha?! Max size of signiture 255 characters!

    *rabble rabble rabble* :disapprove: Let's just lock this topic and call it a day.
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    Wha?! Max size of signiture 255 characters!

    I might just do that, but I think a new wiki account, new page, text of that page, and a link to the page would take up more database space than an extra few characters in my signature.
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    Wha?! Max size of signiture 255 characters!

    Yeah, I don't like this new limit, my sig is about 270 characters and it's already quite compact, what happens when I want to add a machine to the list? :disapprove:
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    Winter Warm Up 2010

    Doom II, but I also have Doom I. If you want to play it with me we can schedule a time.
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    BLACKBOOK! (GrayBook) W00t!

    Convert the keyboard to a dvorak or colemak layout for added originality. ;)
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    Winter Warm Up 2010

    Ooh, I'm gonna play Doom sometime on the retrochallenge server. :rambo: