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    Mac II and IIx RAM

    Simple question, does anybody know where I can buy (or a design to make) some PAL 30 pin SIMMs for my IIx? I'm stuck at 8MB and would love even a little more. Note they don't work with standard high capacity SIMMs.
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    Hypercard Serial

    Hey folks, I've been putting together a Hypercard stack to control a serial i/o box and was doing quite well. I'm using the Hypercard Serial Toolkit. Everything was fine until I tried to read in data with values above 127 - it seems the recvBytes command accidentally uses the char datatype or...
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    Nubus Ethernet Card Software

    Hey folks, Does anybody have the software for this card? Or know where I might get it? Possibly something like a CNET 460e?
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    Resurrecting a Macintosh IIx

    Good afternoon folks. I recently picked up a dead IIx. It wouldn't even bumpstart when I first saw it, but I'm not sure why as it sort of did once I got it home (it chimed and showed the happy mac before doing a weird restart with no chime - after a couple of times it froze). Note that it does...