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    Macman midiman serial cable type

    Hi all, I got a macman midiman MIDI interface but it came without a serial cable. Does anyone knows if it requires a null-modem (local talk) cable or a straight wired serial cable? Thanks:)
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    IIsi repair after extensive battery corrosion

    I was a given a IIsi in a pretty bad state, the battery has leaked damaging the CPU IC (corroded leads which instanly broke upon touch) and several corroded traces throughout the board. I've cleaned the board the best I could and repaired a couple of traces they were apparently damaged. I also...
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    This computer may not have been shutdown.. message

    Is there any way get rid of this message which manifests in every boot? Alright I may have shutdown improperly once, you got me but I see this in EVERY boot. Do I have to go over logs or something to see what may have been corrupted or else. Or there is an easy way to get rid of this message?
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    G4 MDD really loud bong chime sound

    I turned on my G4 MDD today and it works as expected but I noticed the startup chime is waay too loud to the point it is distorted and ugly sounding. I really don't recall anything like this happening last time I powered it on. The battery is absent, I think I removed it because it was dead and...
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    LC475 complains system 7.1 is too old (no boot)

    The disk drive in my LC475 has recently started acting up and it's now to a point that the machine freezes when entering the desktop so I decided I should perform a clean install to another disk. I think the computer was running 7.1 when the disk worked but I can't remember if it was 7.1.2 or...
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    G3 model M5521 no power on & analog board arcing sounds

    I've got a G3 that was given to me sometime ago and never got around messing with it. The previous owner reported that it has a power supply of sorts. I tried to power it on today and no green light comes up and I see no CRT activity other than some arcing sounds near the power plug. I have...
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    Performa 630 compatible CD drive

    Hi, I'm very close to get a Performa 630 which didn't come with a CD drive installed. Is there any aftermarket SCSI drive I can install to make up for that or I need to use a 300i Apple drive. The Apples ones are selling for a lot of money and the computer itself is in the 20-30€ range so a unit...