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    Is there a copy of the original 1985 LaserWriter driver out there?

    The earliest copy of the driver I could find is LaserWriter 3.0 off of the "Printer Installation Disk" with System 3/Finder 5. This version was released in 1986, likely alongside the LaserWriter Plus upgrade. Going by the manuals, it looks like the original disk was called "LaserWriter...
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    Suggestions for AppleTalk Packet Sniffer?

    Looking for something that can snoop DDP Appletalk over Ethernet. I have been trying to get the Apple IIgs LaserWriter driver (and likely older Mac LaserWriter drivers) to print to a netatalk box running papd with no luck (GS/OS dies before any job spools). I am at the point where I need to see...
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    Open Source Pre-OS X Document Translators

    Just ran across this from an Ars Technica post: https://sourceforge.net/p/libmwaw/wiki/Home/ Might be handy if you have old documents from a classic Mac but no software (or Mac Link Plus) to open them!
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    A/UX 3.0 Documentation has been scanned and posted

    (not by me) Check it out here: http://www.tenox.net/docs/
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    Apple "Notebook Disks"

    Spotted this on ebay. Apparently they have a special lubricant for reducing friction in low power floppy drives. Ahhhhh marketing.
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    SCSI2SD v5.0 and Powerbooks. Adapter musings

    So the new SCSI2SD v5.0 is out and available. The new PCB now fits within the footprint of a traditional 2.5" notebook drive and claims the ability to be powered via TERM power alone. Thinking out loud, how hard would it be to build an adapter PCB to mount this new unit into 68k SCSI Powerbooks...
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    Programmer's Switch on Mac Portable not working

    Any item why? I installed MacsBug 6.5.3 to test it out. The debugger installs on boot, but pressing the Programmer's Switch does nothing.
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    Did any Macs require System 7.6.x as a minimum?

    This is purely out of curiosity. I have had quite a few pre-G3 PCI Macs over the years and they all seem to boot up System 7.5.5 despite Apple saying that some later models require 7.6.x. The 8600/300 I have boots 7.5.5 without enablers which, according to the lists below, should be impossible...
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    Mac Portable Power Woes (what else is new?)

    Got my battery today. It appears to be charged. The charging circuit appears to be working without a problem with the stock AC adapter. Battery tests good with about 6.4v at the terminals. Strictly powered by said battery it appears I'm not getting enough voltage on the 12v line. The floppy...
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    A better classic than Classic.

    Back in 2004 or so there was a short lived alpha quality port of the Mac-On-Linux virtual machine to Darwin platforms. I took a keen interest in it as my Aluminum Powerbook G4 could not natively run MacOS 9 and I had a program (Bernie ][ The Rescue, an Apple IIgs emulator) that wouldn't run...