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    The compact Mac krewe

    Here they are, my modest collection. All work, have had caps replaced, cases retrobrited, and floppies fixed. The Plus I've had since 97'. The SE since 98'. My first Mac was an SE. Bought new in April of 87' for $1800. (Great deal) Hot rodded over the years, 45 mg internal HD, 030...
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    Well it used to work: 128k woes

    Hi everyone. So my recently acquired 128k with the 512k socketed upgrade won't boot now. I had the caps replaced and upon return I get no bong on power up and a screen of vertical lines. Installed a Plus logic board and it boots fine. So far I've reseated all the RAM chips. Cleaned the ROM...
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    What is this in my 128k?

    Cracked open a new to me Mac 128k and found this oddity. What is this chip piggy backed on a RAM chip?