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  1. mactjaap

    Netatalk..."The disk is locked"

    I'm working with an old Netatalk version. Netatalk 2.0.2 Normal install. Everything looks fine I mount my Home Directory as always, try to write to it but get the message "The disk is locked" I'm not getting it....how to "unlock" this disk?
  2. mactjaap

    The MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi.

    New from MacIP.net the…. MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi. The first beta is finished, running MacIPpi 5.0.1 As always. MacIP.net gives you a MacIP gateway out of the box thanks to the linux port of macipgw done by Stefan Bethke. You can find more information about this port...
  3. mactjaap

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    How to remove this paint the best?
  4. mactjaap

    Apple Profile hard drive

    Profile disk I recently acquired a Apple Profile drive. It’s case did got damaged in transit but it was repairable. On YouTube there are some video’s how the disk starts up, so I knew where to look for. I thought it would be nice to film the first and second startup up and have a close up at...
  5. mactjaap

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    I know..the changes of getting it running are slim....but I gave myself a change. This was what I found on Ebay: It is on its way the The Netherlands. Some pictures....
  6. mactjaap

    Lisa 2 brought back to live

    This afternoon both members of the Apple Vintage Group spend their time on a Lisa 2 owned by JW. It stood in the dark for 15 years and was still OK from the outside. But we realized that a Lisa2 could have a battery bomb inside. It had one and the battery was corroded but not beyond a dramatic...
  7. mactjaap

    Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    I restored a widget drive to a certain point. See my old posting: it it works on a “donor” external PSU. The problem is that it is very hard to start. To get it on I have to fiddle with the power on/off switch on the PSU. It helps if you spin the disk counter clockwise and then do the power...
  8. mactjaap


    Who knows what kind of cable this is. Seems like a monitor splitter?
  9. mactjaap

    Macintosh with 'sort of double screen'

    Testing a new motherboard. I see some kind of double screen! Who knows what this is? Is it fixable?
  10. mactjaap

    macintosh ED makes ticking sound

    I have a macintosh ED which doesn't boot. It makes a ticking sound and no chime. Maybe someone knows what is wrong? Here is a video:
  11. mactjaap

    "Headless" Macintosh Plus in a 1U server case

    (Due to a database roll back my item was lost in cyber space. I'm trying to restore it here: See: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/31254-2017-09-22-database-rollback/ ) I'm having fun with my Macintosh Plus, a FloppyEmu and a web server ( MacHTTP). If I switch on the Plus it will...
  12. mactjaap

    Video of cleaning a 400k disk drive

    I didn't find a video how to remove the top of the drive so I thought: let's make one! Probably not the most professional way to do this but it worked. And it shows at least how to dismantle one. Have a look at: https://youtu.be/MMIC8DHhDhk
  13. mactjaap

    Found these two parts in my disk drive of 800k Macintosh SE

    I heard a stange sound and opend up this not working 800k disk. I found these two parts in the motor and removed them. Now it works fine. Who now what these can be?
  14. mactjaap

    Should I remove a Varta 3V rechargeable on a Macintosh SE logic board?

    I opend up my Macintosh SE 800k and found a Varta 3V rechargable battery still in place. And is it still charging.... What should I do. Leave it or get rid of it?
  15. mactjaap


    I have a 800k boot disk 7.0.1 with Finder replaced by MiniSubstitute. Anyone knows how I can change MacTCP properties on a disk a like that? I made it long ago so lost the knowledge.
  16. mactjaap

    Picures of DOVE MacSnap boards

    I post here my two DOVE MacSnap extention boards. Used to make a 512k into a Plus. So extending memory and adding SCSI. I have two. One working fine and one with probably a RAM issue. The working one has much less RAM modules a the non working. Want to know more? Read all about it...
  17. mactjaap

    Macintosh 128K revived

    I tried my only 128k today. No luck. A boing, but a black screen. I remembered that the soldering on J1, J2 and J4 are know to be weak. So I soldered these with fresh solder. And yes! It is working again fine!
  18. mactjaap

    Sad Mac code 02FF00

    Testing a Mac Plus motherboard. It bongs, but gives a Sad Mac. Code 02FF00 I was looking at the page about Sad Mac, but I don't get it right. http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.html Is there anyone who can tel me how to read this error and what it is?
  19. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Another conquest. A Macintosh ED. Sold as not working. Picked it up for 30 euro (around US $35,- ) What did I learn from this sale. 1) If sold as not working it will probably don't work...... So what did I do. In a hurry to test I decied to test it at my mothers house who I was visiting. So I...
  20. mactjaap

    Macintosh Plus with internal SyMBiotic 20 MB hard disk

    Nice find! I didn't knew they excited. A Macintosh Plus with internal SyMBiotic 20 MB hard disk. I put some pictures here. Didn't open the case yet. Boots form hard disk. Is there anyone with documentation about this hard disk maker?