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  1. LC_575

    Newton OS Dates: How do I delete a repeating To-Do task?

    Title says it all.
  2. LC_575

    Power Macintosh 7200 Power Supply

    Recently got a 7200 from a friend at college that is missing most hardware, including a power supply. My 6400 is currently redundant (as I got a 6500), so I'm using part from that for the 7200. Will the 6400's PSU work/fit in the 7200?
  3. LC_575

    MacRefLib: Reboot

    For my winter break I'll be continuing my development of MacRefLib. Won't be submitting it as a Retrochallenge entry this time around, but will be hoping to reach the 1997 model year by Mid January when college starts again. Still in college right now though - last final is the 20th - so don't...
  4. LC_575

    Power Macintosh 6500/225 and Multiple Scan 15"

    It's been quite a while since getting a conquest this good, but here it is. Yesterday I was walking around the Chemical Engineering building on my college's campus, turned a corner, and saw a cart filled with a variety of obsolete equipment. A split second later, I recognized the back of a 6500...
  5. LC_575

    Need OS 8 Drivers for: Farallon EtherMac PC Card

    The blasted floppy I kept my copy on decided to go corrupt itself on the way over to college. Mac Driver Museum's links are dead too. Anyone have a copy of this driver they could give me?
  6. LC_575

    Used Newton for college notes!

    Today I'm proud to announce that I used my MP 2100 to take notes for an entire period of Chem 121! It worked out fine. I used HW recognition mode for outlining and ink text for examples/equations. It was useful and fun! (ANYTHING to make Chem 121 more interesting. Chem is my least favorite...
  7. LC_575

    Abysmal Battery Life on Newton MP2100

    I noticed that the battery life on my MP2100 is really bad. I never get the 30 hour life touted by Newton fans - instead, I usually get 2 hrs. at best. The mystery is that the NiMH cells I use in the Newton - each with a capacity of 2500 mAh - are more powerful than the cells used in the Newton...
  8. LC_575

    Newton MP2100: Backup Battery Size?

    What size of battery is used in the MP2100 for clock and RAM backup?
  9. LC_575

    PB 1400 Case Hinge Failure

    My PB 1400 was showing that characteristic cracking on the rear display case cover, on either side of the Apple logo. I attempted to repair this (by strengthening the area with glue) but managed to destroy the -very Spindlery- mount points for the left hinge. It's beyond repair - too much...
  10. LC_575

    Buying a Newton Question

    I was just wondering, what are the pros of buying a MessagePad 2000 series over the 100/200 series models? I don't mean in terms of performance - what features will I get? And can either sync with IMAP (Gmail) email systems?
  11. LC_575

    iPod mini!

    My friend gave it to me - came with some other old computer equipment that his uncle gave to him. It's in decent condition, although the HD is dead - boots to a Sad iPod and the HD can be heard clicking like mad. I plan on adding a CF card to fix that. Otherwise, a great find. I've been...
  12. LC_575

    Who has an Asante MacCon?

    I need to know the ratings of the 4 tantalum capacitors on the PDS card. Two on my card blew (still don't know why), and I'd like to resurrect it. Also, is that slot on the MacCon for a custom cache card, or it it a NuBus slot?
  13. LC_575

    How to unlock Netscape Navigator 2?

    As it is in fact 2011, whenever I Netscape Navigator 2 on my LC, I'm immediately told that the browser has "expired." A quick-and-dirty remedy is to set the system date to one in 1995 or early 1996, but I can't have it that way. is there some patch for Netscape 2 that will unlock it?
  14. LC_575

    PB1400 Random Freezes

    I've noticed that jostling or shaking my PB1400 will cause an intermittent system freeze (as in total freeze - even the cursor). My first suspect would be the soldering work on the new oscillator I just installed, but is there anything else that might cause these problems? FYI: I have not...
  15. LC_575

    MacBench 4

    Does anyone know where I can find MacBench 4 online, or possibly even send it to me? I just want to benchmark my overclocked 1400.
  16. LC_575

    PB 1400 40MHz Overclock

    I just installed a 40 MHz oscillator in my PB1400, replacing the original 33.333 MHz one, as seen here: http://home.comcast.net/~gionpeters/hhhh/pb1400.htm The oscillator, while difficult to solder in (solder points are fragile), seems to be working properly. However, I don't really observe any...
  17. LC_575

    Installing System 7 Pro (7.1.1) onto a LC 575

    The question is: I know I need a system enabler (number 065), which I have installed by placing it into the System folder. Problem is, it still complains of the system needing to be "updated" at boot time. What do I do?
  18. LC_575

    Developing my MacRefLib project on my LC 575?

    I'm currently developing a MacTracker-esque Hypercard application called MacRefLib (thread here: http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16375). Some (but not much!) development has already occurred on a Performa 6400 and a PB 1400c. However, I realize that's there's really nothing...
  19. LC_575

    MacRefLib: A Classic Mac Encyclopedia for the Classic Mac

    Announcing a new HyperCard Project: MacRefLib (Macintosh Reference Library), a MacTracker-esque application that I will be developing with data (and permission!) from apple-history.com. It will encompass everything from the 128k to the PMG5, and then some... Some preview shots: Uploaded...
  20. LC_575

    Plus trouble!

    I go to turn on my Plus today, and I get to hear this: chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, ... No display, no bong, and sometimes the FDD starts checking the drive ad infinutum. Turn it off, bring it to my workshop, open 'er up, check the cables, everything...