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  1. Challenger 1983

    Powerbook Duo 210 crashed and won’t reboot

    I picked up a 210 at a thrift store recently and i wad delighted that it worked perfectly, however as i was using it the entire screen froze, after leaving it for a few minutes with no response i restarted the machine using the keyboard, after which i got a happy mac followed by the screen...
  2. Challenger 1983

    PB Duo 2300c and 270c Capacitor list

    Hi everyone, I am going to start recapping my Duos as I finished Recapping the docks, Does anyone know which capacitors are required for the 2300c and 270c, Also is it worth recapping the displays?, I worry that the heat of a soldering iron could ruin the two near perfect duo screens I have. ...
  3. Challenger 1983

    PB 2300c display screw covers

    I am currently restoring my 2300c and will be 3d printing a new standoff for the front bezel as the original standoff crumbled against my attempt to repair it, I want to replace the little plastic screw covers and I am unsure of how to source originals/ recreate them
  4. Challenger 1983

    How to install OS onto CF card

    I just got my CF to IDE adapter for my 2300c in the mail, how do I go about loading an OS onto it?, specifically Mac OS 8.1
  5. Challenger 1983

    Duo type 3 battery

    I have been attempting to recall a type 3 duo battery, however I cannot find the right cells for sale anywhere in the US or Canada, has anyone recently restored one of these batteries and if so where did you find the cells for them 
  6. Challenger 1983

    Best MacOS for 2300c

    As I recently got a 2300c with no hard disk i immediately purchased an IDE to CF adapter and I am now wondering which version is  optimal to run on this machine 
  7. Challenger 1983

    DuoDock Nubus card compatibility

    Hi all, I was wondering if all Nubus cards are compatible with the DuoDock, I feel as if the Accelerator cards would not be, but would they damage the dock/duo?
  8. Challenger 1983

    I got a new MacBook Pro (Not the M1)

    Hey all, I just got a 2019 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar  and I love it so far. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience With this machine and if you have any tips or tricks to get the most out of this laptop. 
  9. Challenger 1983

    Dynacomp LC PSU question

    I am trying to recap a Dynacomp PSU, specifically model DCF 353-614-0028 and I’m having trouble figuring out what capacitors are used in position C28 and C9, I was stupid and lost/misplaced the original caps so I have no clue as to what rating/voltage of capacitor is supposed to be in those spots.
  10. Challenger 1983

    Macintosh portable question

    I’ve always wondered if the portable would be compatible with the IIe PDS card, I tried googling and couldn’t come up with a result, I own neither but I’m just curious. I know there would need to be some kind of riser card to allow the IIe card to connect to the PDS slot but disregarding that is...
  11. Challenger 1983

    LC III PRAM battery solutions

    I recently took a gamble on a non-working LC III logic board on ebay, it turns out a quick isopropyl wash got it to chime and boot, only problem Is that pesky PRAM battery as it controls video on these models and It makes me worried leaving one in the machine, has anyone come up with a solution...
  12. Challenger 1983

    Macintosh LC II logic board troubleshooting

    Long story short My LC II refused to boot one day and I suspected it was the power supply, after replacing the power supply the hard drive would spin up along with the system fan and the processor gets warm after awhile but no image would appear, there is no audio and no response to the keyboard...
  13. Challenger 1983

    LC II Reverse polarity capacitor

    I accidentally soldered a tantalum capacitor in backwards on C21, I was try to diagnose a faulty power supply and I decided to resolder all the caps on the logic board to check that they weren’t the problem, the power supply was dying but I’m still worried i fried the board, am i okay?
  14. Challenger 1983

    LC II won’t chime

    My LC II wont chime but the hard disk spins up and when i put a floppy in the drive it spins for a second and then stops i can briefly hear the hard drive access before it stops, any ideas? Edit: the power supply makes a ticking noise when turned on 
  15. Challenger 1983

    Recapping gone wrong

    I pulled the negative pads on C18 and C139 Where do these traces go to Regards
  16. Challenger 1983

    Duo 210 screen artifact

    Hello all I was going use my duo 210 one day when suddenly I notice dead pixels, is there anyway of fixing this without buying a new screen
  17. Challenger 1983


    I was reading about the dangers of not replacing PSU capacitors on PowerBook duos, and today I get my one chance to go by capacitors so I need schematics for the 210
  18. Challenger 1983

    Duo dock plus/ll

    Today I received a package in the mail It was the duo dock I had snatched off of eBay for 40$ Unfortunately the power supply is making a ticking noise and the unit won't turn on Is this a common issue with duo docks If is there any thing I can do to fix it
  19. Challenger 1983

    duo dock plus

    I may have just bought a cheep duo dock plus, I just wanted to know if it's compatible with the duo 210
  20. Challenger 1983

    Apple iic mouse ball/cover

    Is the ball and cover from an original ADB mouse compatible with the Apple iic mouse