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  1. sfiera

    Clamshell left hinge screw

    I have two iBook clamshells I’ve been working on. I stripped them down this far, but in both cases I got stuck at the screw holding the left hinge, the one dead center in this photo: It turns freely, but won’t come out. There’s enough of a gap for the grounding cable to rotate, though. I...
  2. sfiera

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    Up on Yahoo Auctions right now: an Uchishiba Seisakusho BookcaSE. This is an aftermarket conversion case for a color 5300/190. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a while… in fact, here’s what was already set out on my table at home: The auction starts at ¥240,000 (~$2400). I’m...
  3. sfiera

    ADB to M0100 mouse conversion

    I recently found a guide for ADB to M0100 mouse conversion [Japanese]. Here’s its schematic for the ADB Mouse II: Translations: A, Bはどちらでも可: Either A/B is OK [orientation on the mouse switch doesn’t matter] 基板上のJA, JBピンをはずす: Remove pins JA and JB from the original board [these are for...
  4. sfiera

    Mac Display information

    I spent a while today getting my head around sense pins and timing for old Macintosh (DA-15) displays. Here is the writeup: Mac Tech: Displays This is a result of online information-gathering, a little hypothesizing, as well as probing my UnimacFly VGA adapter with a multimeter. Its dip...
  5. sfiera

    Mounting hard drive in TAM bay

    My new TAM’s hard drive seems to be failed or failing, and I figured I’d pick up an IDE-to-M.2 adapter and replace it with an SSD. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the unusual screw locations; as Low End Mac notes, “upgrades may require some modification as the mounting holes in the original drive...
  6. sfiera

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    Plus (4 MHz): in a 512k case. Have a SCSI2SD for it, though I’d like to be able to use it just on floppies. Also have a second in parts. TAM (250 MHz): just purchased, and coincidentally arrived on Christmas. Fat back with USB, but missing its keyboard and everything not pictured. Cube (450...
  7. sfiera

    What’s this C1?

    I’ve been reading up about how to care for my new Plus, and one of the things that comes up is the capacitors, particularly C1. So I opened it up and found this surprise: I think it’s probably original, given all the hot glue around it, but it doesn’t match the images I’ve seen online. Is it...
  8. sfiera

    AppleTalk net cable

    I’m looking to connect two 68k machines via AppleTalk to share files. Since there are just two of them, my understanding is that I can connect their modem or printer ports directly. But, there seem to be two kinds of cables: a crossover “printer” cable and a straight “serial” cable.  There are...