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  1. ScutBoy

    LaserWriter 2 paper feed issues

    I'm reviving a LaserWriter 2. I got a new "power block" (also known as HP Power module RG9-0205 - $25 on eBay) so now the printer powers up successfully. When feeding paper from the tray, the pickup roller gets it about an inch into the printer and then the paper stops. If, however, I feed paper...
  2. ScutBoy

    Lisa/NeoWidEx floppy image

    I've tried to make an actual floppy from the DC42 image file on the NeoWidEx GitHub site, but even after adding the type/creator codes, DiskCopy 4.2 doesn't understand it. I know that @stepleton says it should be a good image for FloppyEmu, but I'd like to have an actual floppy "just in case"...
  3. ScutBoy

    Today's Powerbook combo

    Apropos of nothing in particular, today's Powerbook combo :-) I think they go well together! Did the grey version of this monitor ever come with the easel back stand? I have that for one of the VGA blue/white ones, but have a low-grade want for the grey one if it exists.
  4. ScutBoy

    Original LaserWriter refurbishment

    I have an original LaserWriter (well, actually a LaserWriter Plus) that needs some help. Seems like the pickup mechanism has turned to goo. When powered on, it tries to pick up a sheet for the self-test page, but there just ends up being amber goo on the top sheet, and - thankfully - it doesn't...
  5. ScutBoy

    Backlit Portable - No sound from speaker, jack works

    I've completed the recap of my new-to-me backlit Portable. Good news is the machine is booting and running very stable, even on the original Conner drive. What I've found, though, is that I'm not getting sound through the internal speaker. When I plug in headphones, I get sound, but it has...
  6. ScutBoy

    PB Duo schematics?

    Does anyone have a source for schematics for the Duos - specifically the 270/280 series? I've found the service manuals, etc. but not schematics.
  7. ScutBoy

    Late Gen Ti - No sound

    I'm working through a bunch of late gen Titanium Powerbooks - 1Ghz and 867s. Of the 4 or so I've been through, at at least two have no sound though they seem to be OK otherwise. Running OSX 10.2 - 10.4, the sound control panel works, the volume keys work - the on-screen indicators come one as...
  8. ScutBoy

    Schematic for the IIe Card?

    I pulled the IIe card out of my Color Classic since I had the caps for it, and in taking off the caps one practically fell off, taking the pads with it. The cap is C2 - 220uf 35v. There are vias there next to where the pads used to be, but I'd like a peek at the schematic to know where the...
  9. ScutBoy

    Pull power supply from SE

    Is it necessary to pull the whole analog board if I want to get a power supply out of an SE? I've never had to do it before, and the Apple Service Manual calls for bringing out the whole analog board, but it seems possible to be able to snake it out on it's own. If that is more trouble than...
  10. ScutBoy

    What is this card?

    The card pictured was in a G4 tower that I recently came across. The drive had been re-installed, so there was no software on it that gave any hints as to what this might be. I think the Altera Flex chips are some kind of FPGA. The I-Cube chips are "SRAM-based bus oriented switches"...
  11. ScutBoy

    Mac Portable SiClone RAM board

    I have in my hands a SiClone "RAM-to-Go" card for the Mac Portable. When put in the machine, the machine chimes, and the screen starts (light herringbone) pattern, but I never get the cursor, nor the Happy Mac. I've let it sit for about 10 minutes, in case it's taking a _really_ long time to do...
  12. ScutBoy

    Scutboy's Stuff

    Craigslist can be your friend - and always be asking questions... I answered a CL ad to pick up a period Sun monitor (GDM-1962) for some of my lunchboxes. Nice older gentleman; asked if he had any other items and he mentioned he also had "some old Apple stuff" in his garage that he'd picked up...
  13. ScutBoy

    Daystar Genesis Mouse

    I've got a Genesis MP, and with it I have the correct Daystar keyboard. However, the mouse I got with the system is a generic Apple ADB mouse. I'm assuming there was a Daystar mouse that came along with the system, but I can't find any pics of what it might have looked like, much less any hint...
  14. ScutBoy

    Dove Marathon 030x/SE - questions

    I just opened up my second SE/30 recap candidate. I knew it had an accelerator, but wasn't sure what until now. It's a Dove Marathon 030x/SE. Doing a little googling, it appears this was originally released for the Mac IIx - a 32Mhz 68030 that dropped into the 68030 socket on the motherboard...
  15. ScutBoy

    SE/30 Ethernet board ID

    I have an Ethernet board for an SE/30. I can't find any company name on it. There's one chip with a label that says "A Series Version 1" The board is silk-screened "SI A series" and "PN594-TB". The last one makes me think it might be a Farallon card, since I can find reference to a PN594-C...
  16. ScutBoy

    SE/30 Recap follow-up questions

    So, I completed my first SE/30 recap last weekend. Bad news, was the machine would not boot afterwards. No chime, no screen, thought the fan would start, and if plugged in, the HD would spin up. Noticed a couple of things. First was that UE8 still had some gunk near it. Gave it a good second...
  17. ScutBoy

    Lisa out for a spin

    I brought out one of the girls to stretch her legs this weekend. The Widget was sticky and loud, but settled down after a while. Re-discovered this is my keyboard with the bad spacebar :)
  18. ScutBoy

    ScutBoy's Outbound 125

    A place to show some progress and ask some questions as I bring back this Outbound... First, I'm hoping I can get some questions answered from folks like Unity that have manuals for this guy. What are the different status modes of the amber light above the green power light on the left front...
  19. ScutBoy

    Cooking with four burners

    Thanks to member defor, my Genesis MP is now rolling along in full 4-way multiprocessing glory! I got all the pieces together a while ago, but life got in the way before I could dig up the necessary MacOS bits to install (not knowing initially that BeOS would not work on a disk formatted in...
  20. ScutBoy

    Daystar Genesis vs PM9600/180MP processor cards

    I've recently acquired a Genesis MP. However, the original multiprocessor card was replaced long ago with a Sonnet G3 upgrade card. I realize that finding the 4-proc card will be a stretch. In the meantime, I'm trying to determine if the dual-proc card from a 9600/180MP would be a drop-in in...