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  1. glay78

    Mac SE30 help

    Hi I’ve got an SE30 board that powers up to show this. Before and after recapping shows the same thing. No chime. Any help? All recap capacitors traced are tested to be fine.
  2. glay78

    Color Classic Mystic Software mod?

    I’ve got a Performa 578 board which is basically an LC575. I recapped it and did the software mod on my 7.6.1 it boots with chime but I get no display. The SCSI2SD reads and boots into system. I’ve did the system mods and tried 7.5.3 also gives me the same result. I’m not in the direction to...
  3. glay78

    PowerBook Duo 280c no chime

    Powers on light lid, no chime, no HDD activity and LCD not lit. What could be wrong? I’ve already unplugged the PRAM battery and tested with or without ram. With or without HDD. Even tried resetting the power manager.   
  4. glay78

    M5126 Keyboard acting weird

    After recapping my M5126, it works however keyboard is acting weird, here are the findings. 1. number 3,4,5 and 6 is not working. 2. alphabet U and D will cause system error. however I tried - changing keyboard - switch over to RHS with mouse - changing keyboard ribbon cable  all doesn’t...
  5. glay78

    M5126 help! I am stupid

    Ok long story short, I connected the battery in wrong polarity, after I found out I was wrong I switched back.    The portable still powers up but unable to run scsi HDD nor charge the battery. I think one mosfet could be blew but I’m not sure which. When I plugged in adapter and battery...
  6. glay78

    Macintosh Portable Sad Mac

    Hi I’ve recapped my M5120 and it has sad Mac now. It works previously before capping. I’ve check both battery and power adapter that’s working great so power shouldn’t be the issue. It chimes but has the error as shown. Also swapped out the ram but it’s the same.    Any help?
  7. glay78

    Color Classic Logic Board faults

    Hi I got 2 recapped boards here with 2 different problem  Board 1 - powers up without chime and video - no activity just a blank screen Board 2 - does not power up on keyboard Power key - only powers up when board is slid in with power switch ok what could be the problems for the 2 boards...
  8. glay78

    Analog Board Caps on Mac Plus

    My Mac Plus powered up on brightest settings and when I dimmed using the toggle it doesn't dim and it flickers.  I think it needs a recap and I don't wish to recap the whole board. Anyone knows which caps do I change for the brightness control on the analog board?
  9. glay78

    TAM TV and Tuner driver

    I recently got a TAM with a non working LCD and HDD. Managed to swap it out with an LCD of PowerBook 3400 and an IDE44 to CF as HDD. Installed OS9 and I don’t see the TV and Tuner apps. How should I get it working?
  10. glay78

    iMac G3 help CUDA problem

    I am unable to power up my iMac G3. I opened up the case and pressed the CUDA button and it powers up. However every time I switch the mains to off I have to redo it again. Is something faulty? I had the PRAM battery removed by the way.
  11. glay78

    Syncing or transfering files to eMate via irda on iMac G3

    As mentioned, any guides to achieve that as I don’t have any cables for my eMate 
  12. glay78

    TAM Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh LCD replacement

    Found one for sale with a rotten LCD. Powers up and just needed a replacement LCD. I doubt I can get a replacement easily, are there any compatible replacement available out there?