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  1. dan.dem

    Adaptec SCSI PCI-Cards

    I have a Ultra-SCSI-card in my Digital Audio. It's an Adaptec AHA-2930CU Mac-Version. Unfortunately I don't have a cable with the smaller 50-pin plug (or is it 68-pin?) necessary for my card. So I cannot test it with my even older SCSI-devices. Hence my questions about compatibility. I find...
  2. dan.dem

    Thermal Throttling in Aluminium G4 PowerBooks?

    After several attempts my 15" PowerBook (2004, 1.3 GHz, 2 x 512 MB RAM, else completely standard) achieved a Geekbench2-score of 800, well above the 685 listed in Everymac.com. I guess Everymac is publishing averages, so a peak score quite above is nothing extraordinary. After I did some...
  3. dan.dem

    Please confirm: Compatibility of 65W Power Adapter A1021 (and some PA history)

    I have an additional Apple Power Adapter A1021 for my 2004-PowerBook, I want to give away. I found a Posting with probably compatible devices. Can somebody please confirm? Instead of posting the lengthy list, I want to boil it down to: all iBooks beginning with the 2001-Dual-USB G3 up to the...