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  1. jeremywork

    x86 card revival thread

    Well I tried to recreate this faithfully but the posting system here won't allow posts over 10k characters, nor will it allow me to upload a docx file. For lack of a better idea, here's a zip of an HTML version of the word doc :/ At least everything from the top post of the old thread is in...
  2. jeremywork

    Macintosh 19" Color Display - Vaporware?

    I noticed a number of official references to a Macintosh 19" Color Display (circa 1994, mostly in service manuals for the x100 series machines.) Supposedly a 1024x768 tube, though I can't seem to find any evidence that it ever existed...
  3. jeremywork

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    I got extremely lucky this week and found a SuperMac Thunder II card, listed Buy-it-now on eBay for $30, sold tested to top it off. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SuperMac-Thunder-II-GX-1360-NuBus-Graphics-Card/283800247264 Unfortunately the packaging was minimal, and it lost a couple components...
  4. jeremywork

    Lessons from Quadra, PDS, and DOS adventures

    I finally acquired a Reply extender for my DOS card- the original Reply card (without the Vibra 16 module, so maybe Houdini I) was also included with a Cyrix DX2-66, but several components were burned away on the back of the board, so I swapped it for the Houdini II with an Intel DX2-66 I...