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  1. AndyO

    Powerbook 145b

    A big yawn for many, I suspect, because there are faster, bigger PowerBooks out there with better screens, but it was a 100-series PB I wanted and have been looking for. I was given (literally) a PB 170 in 1991 when they had just come out for joining the business school staff, but these seem...
  2. AndyO

    Classic II with checkerboard screen

    I have a Classic II which has booted in the recent past, but has sat unused for many months. When I go to boot it up, I get a checkerboard screen (large black and grey squares like a chess board), and then at the next attempt, thick black and grey vertical stripes. I can hear the fan running...
  3. AndyO

    PB 1400 hinge issue, and cracking plastic

    I have a PB 1400cs - I'm the original owner so me and it have been through a lot over the years! I recently booted it up, and aside from a screen that takes a while to settle down to usable contrast/brightness, it seems to be working pretty well. However, the plastics on the back of the display...