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    Easier way to mount .img and .dsk files on original hardware?

    I have a Mac SE FDHD running 6.0.8 with 2MB of RAM. Could try to bump this to 4MB and move to 7.5.3+ if I must to achieve what I want. I now have a good sized collection of .dsk and .img images on my SCSI2SD. MountImage and DiskCopy and DiskDup+ don't seem to recognize them. I could write...
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    SE FDHD ejects boot disks, won't acknowledge SCSI2SD

    Hi all. I'm new here. I have a Mac SE FDHD that used to boot from the internal HDD. Sometimes. It was getting flaky. So I purchased a SCSI2SD v5.1 and connected it and applied some disk images from savagetaylor's blog using dd to no avail. The SCSI2SD lights up, is being fed power (have...