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  1. PotatoFi

    Macintosh IIsi Restoration

    In May of 2020, a friend messaged me saying that he had some Mac stuff for me that he had picked up at his parents house. Needless to say, I was thrilled! Here's what everything looked like when I brought it home (but there are more details in this thread). Among the collection of stuff was a...
  2. PotatoFi

    IIsi No Chime, White then Black Screen

    I just finished cleaning and recapping both the logic board and power supply on my IIsi. The fans turn on, and the hard drive spins up. The speaker on the machine clicks as it powers on, there is a white screen for just a second, and then it turns black. Nothing happens after that. It does shut...
  3. PotatoFi

    Which capacitors on the IIsi see 12v?

    I am restoring a couple of IIsi machines. I have gobs of 16v tantalum caps that I'd like to use up, and I have a handful of 24v tantalum caps. To avoid capacitor derating issues, I'd like to use my 24v caps in places where they will see 12v. For caps that only see 5v, I'd like to use my large...
  4. PotatoFi

    Sony PVM-14N5U

    Confession time: retro macs aren't my only hobby. They might not even be my main hobby. Here's what one entire corner of my office looks like: I'm a pretty big fan of retro videogame consoles, specifically the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, and...
  5. PotatoFi

    Hide Balloon Help in System 7?

    I don't like seeing Balloon help in System 7. Is there a way to hide or remove it?
  6. PotatoFi

    3D Printed SE/30 ROM Clips

    I wasn't a big fan of the "rubber band" or "paperclip" brace solutions for the Mac ROM-inator II, so I decided to make some 3D printed clips for it. They press down over the top of the ROM-inator II and ROM SIMM slot, firmly bracing the ROM in an upright position. They use a simple friction fit...
  7. PotatoFi

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    I received a Macintosh SE FDHD from a friend that is in very rough condition. In this thread, I'll attempt to revive it! Normally, I title these threads as "Restorations", but I don't think that's appropriate here due to the condition of the machine. I don't think it will ever look new again...
  8. PotatoFi

    Possibly Awesome Haul Tomorrow

    I have a local friend who is into tech that I met on Twitter. He's hooked me up with some cool stuff before, like a mint condition Game Boy Color. I think I modded a Game Boy DMG-01 with a backlight for him once, can't remember. Anyway, he's been saying that he has "some Apple stuff for me" at...
  9. PotatoFi

    Macintosh LCII Restoration

    Time to restore my Macintosh LCII! This one came from Craigslist. According to the previous owner, he'd never tried to power it on. The case seemed okay, but there was a lot of tape and stuff on it. You can tell where the monitor used to sit. I'd love to find a 12" RGB monitor for this...
  10. PotatoFi

    Macintosh SE SuperDrive Restoration

    A good friend of mine mentioned that he had a Macintosh SE SuperDrive that didn't work, so I offered to restore it for him. He lives about six hours away from me, so last fall, a mutual friend brought it up to Boise and handed it off to me. Wow, an original box! I've never seen one before, so...
  11. PotatoFi

    Performa 476 Restoration

    I picked up a floppy enclosure, LCII, and Performa 476 on Craigslist! In this thread, I'll focus on the restoration of the Performa 476. At first glance, it doesn't look it, but this thing is pretty dirty! And of course, someone wrote "GOOD" on it with a Sharpie. It was good until you did...
  12. PotatoFi

    Quadra 605 No Power

    My buddy @sclements sent his Quadra 605's power supply to take a look at. It simply does not power on. I desoldered all of the capacitors (except the big chonker in the middle), and none of them look bad.  Are there any common points of failure on these? Any chance that recapping it would fix it?
  13. PotatoFi

    68k 3D Modeling Tools?

    I thought it would be kinda fun to find a 3D modeling tool for my 68k Macs (target would be my SE FDHD, running System 7 with 4 MB of RAM), and attempt to model up something and 3D print it. I'm not familiar with what CAD tools were common/popular back then. Any recommendations?
  14. PotatoFi

    MessagePad 130 No Sound

    A friend (well, @sclements anyway) sent me a MessagePad 130 to tinker with. This one had a battery leak, so I took it apart to clean it out. The battery that leaked didn't seem to touch any circuitry. On reassembly, everything seems to work great except for the speaker! I can't get it to make...
  15. PotatoFi

    LCII, Performa 456, and empty 800k Floppy Enclosure

    I bought some stuff on Craigslist yesterday! He also had a Mac 512k and complete Apple IIc but I decided to leave those. He wanted $600 for everything, I managed $100 for: Macintosh LCII, unknown condition. Caps look okay but will be replaced, battery hasn't leaked, has "NO VIDeO" Sharpied on...
  16. PotatoFi

    Kinetics Etherport SE Ethernet Adapter

    My good friend @sclements sent me a box that was SUPPOSED to have just an Apple CD-ROM drive... but included some other awesome goodies. One of the notable ones was this, a Kinetics Etherport SE Ethernet adapter! Also includes was a CentreCOM 210T Twisted Pair Transceiver, which plugs into the...
  17. PotatoFi

    Macintosh SE/30 Restoration

    I planned to do a restoration thread like I usually do... but sadly, this one got off to a very rough start. If you have SMD recapping and pad repair, I could really use some advice! Read on... --- I was in Portland, OR a couple of months ago to teach a class, and decided to check Craigslist...
  18. PotatoFi

    A Pile of Stuff from Sweden!

    One of my friends in my professional community is Swedish. He said he had a bunch Mac stuff for me, and said he'd bring over what he could to a conference that we both attended here in the US. That was a couple of months ago... I'm finally getting the chance to post about it now! Apple...
  19. PotatoFi

    Macintosh SE Restoration

    Back in April of this year (2019), I picked up three compact Macs on Craigslist. Originally, I was doing a restoration thread with all three of them, but that was awhile ago, and it was a bit chaotic to write about all three. There's one Macintosh SE left to finish restoring, so I've decided to...
  20. PotatoFi

    Macintosh SE Shimmering Video

    I have a Macintosh SE that I restored a few months ago, except for one part: I didn't recap anything on the analog board or in the Sony power supply. The machine works flawlessly, except for a slight vertical "shimmer" on the screen. You have to look very closely to see it, in fact, I'll bet...