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  1. TechEdison

    Apple eMac

    So much for trying to make space.... But for $15 I couldn't pass it up.
  2. TechEdison

    Reviving a Macintosh Plus.

    Got this one from Johnnya101. Had only a vertical line on the screen.  I snapped the connector on the red wire so I had to replace that... the rest was pretty straightforward. Just used a solder-sucker and got rid of the old stuff around the problem areas and re-soldered. 
  3. TechEdison

    SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

    There isn’t much else to explain except that literally nothing happens when powered on. I know the analog board and crt are good because I tested it with another board.  Picture of the board can be seen below.  Where  do I start? I’m sure even if the caps were bad it would do *something*
  4. TechEdison

    TechEdison’s Macs

    Figured I should make a proper thread for the future of my conquests.  Got some items today in the mail. 
  5. TechEdison

    2011 iMac

    Not sure how I end  up with such nice items for free. Some friends were getting rid of it and knew that I collected such things, but man I've been using it as my daily machine now! Upgrade to 8gb and a nice SSD and it should last a few more years.
  6. TechEdison

    Apple Watch fixer-upper

    Only $40! Had all the goodies (box, plastic container for the watch, documentation, charger). Just needs a new display but is fully functional including force touch. Works just fine with a protective case to uhh.... keep it together.
  7. TechEdison

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    This is part 2 of a haul from the same person. They have graciously donated these items to my collection free of charge.  The first two items were a PowerMac 7200/75 and a PowerMac g4. The second two items: a powerbook 1400cs/166 with 48mb ram and last east but certainly not least, a boxed...
  8. TechEdison

    Someone should get this!

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-10-Apple-iBook-G3-M8758LL-A-Laptops-12-1-G3-800GHz-256MB-30GB-HDD-A1005/232944524657?hash=item363c935d71:g:X0oAAOSwuMZbhbKh:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!03431!US!-1 10 iBook G3s with mid specs. Around $130. Someone could buy the lot and sell for $30 a piece no problem...
  9. TechEdison

    PoweMac 7200, PowerMac G4, various books

    The powermac 7200 is untested and will probably live in the box for a while until I get a video adapter. Sadly the box is water damaged. The powermac g4 turns on but won’t boot my 9.2 10.2 or 10.4 discs. 
  10. TechEdison

    ShoutVintage Dev Thread - Chat app for vintage and modern machines

    I figured at some point I should make an official thread for this project I've been working on. For the past month or so I have worked on writing a chat app that is cross platform for basically everything. I wanted to make something that would "just work" on all devices and still include some...
  11. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    Does anyone have a copy of this or know where to find it? It's not on archive.org. here is the directory listing: https://web.archive.org/web/20000817012936/http://www.realbasic.com:80/files/ the file itself should be at realbasic.com/files/LanguageReference.pdf but it just redirects to...
  12. TechEdison

    TCP/IP networking? HTTP Requests? Visual MSB??

    Hello! I am pondering creating my own chat app for old 68k macs. I've done many different chat apps before, for many different platforms. I've discovered Visual MacStandardBasic which appears to be the easiest way to create gui applications for 68k macs. I'm wondering if it has any networking...
  13. TechEdison

    Upcoming items in my collection

    A good friend of mine is giving away some old apple merch that he was ready to get rid of. I'll be getting: a lampshade iMac G4 A book from 1990: "Inside AppleTalk second edition" Two books from 1994: "Inside Macintosh: Networking" and "Inside Macintosh: Devices" And a book from 1991...
  14. TechEdison

    a nice clamshell

    Got this from a good friend of mine for free. No power adapter, so i dont know the specs (or if it even works), but it looks to be in decent shape! Missing the leaf, but aren't they all? Haha. If i were to be real picky, I would get a new front bezel (part near the apple is cracked) and a...
  15. TechEdison

    Macintosh Classic 7.5.3 issues

    before anyone replies, let me preface this with: I KNOW the hardware should not realistically be using this version. That's not my question :p I successfully installed OS 7.5.3 using the archive.org page of the original (legal) apple.com downloads. I booted it up for the first time, only to...
  16. TechEdison

    DNS issues while using serial for internet

    I decided to use the method found in a reply on my thread/tutorial for using serial for internet on a mac. This shows details on how to use a Raspberry PI instead of a mac to achieve the same result. Everything went just fine, but again, I cannot access any outside domains. MacWeb returns...
  17. TechEdison

    The NoCSS development thread

    On this thread you will find current progress and updates for my website "NoCSS". This is a site designed to function on 80s computers, and will have simple features such as chat, a web proxy, a google search system, and more. It will all function well on old computers due to stripping out...
  18. TechEdison

    Macintosh Photoshoot

    These aren't exactly "new" macs, but I haven't really posted pictures of my entire collection. They are all completely functional (except for certain issues with the iBook G3). At some point I'd like to get a non-macintosh computer to add to the collection. Probably something from the II or...
  19. TechEdison

    Connecting old Macintosh to the net using serial

    A topic (that is currently pinned) exists with a tutorial for connecting your Macintosh to the internet using USB -> serial, but it is very outdated and I ran into several issues while following it. I'm going to add further instruction to it (which is mostly copied from a reply to a thread I...
  20. TechEdison

    Lightweight browser

    Looking for the following browser (if such a thing even exists). Marked with * is required: Supports HTML 4.0 spec (this is a must.. At least needs <FRAME>) * Supports at least some CSS Bookmarks, homepage, etc Supports opening local HTML documents * Supports at least 6.0.8...