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  1. Compgeke

    Announcing QuokkADB, a marsupial-powered alternative to USB Wombat

    I've been using one for a while (a year or so? Idk it's been a while) and so far so good :) . I've rocked it on my Powerbook for a few events since USB mice are way more disposable than ADB at this point in time.
  2. Compgeke

    Dynamac EL manual?

    Finally back home! Had myself gone 3 of the last 4 weeks :(. Here's a link: https://fsck.technology/software/Apple/Dynamac/
  3. Compgeke

    Dynamac EL manual?

    Once I get home next week I can bring it back up. That web host is with the lord now, but I've got a full site backup still. I'll merge it into the newer-and-greater project :) .
  4. Compgeke

    What is this CPU?

    It's very possible it's also just from a batch of chips that failed QC at the initial rated speed. It's not uncommon for chips to be binned lower when they fail to meet some spec or another (like the early 486 SXs that just had a bad FPU that disabled).
  5. Compgeke

    MacGUI Downloads gone

    No, more that it's not really a thing in this day and age like it once was. It's super super easy to find alternative hosting if what you're doing is actively bankrupting you. I'm definitely not a fan of having single points of failure though. My stuff like fsck.technology have friends with...
  6. Compgeke

    MacGUI Downloads gone

    In zoomer language, I'm definitely inclined to just respond "skill issue" if bandwidth is an issue. I've got a much, much larger site data wise (~1TB compressed) that moves 4-8 terabytes a month, no data cap. If you haven't managed to get out of bandwidth cap'd hosting like it's still 2005 on...
  7. Compgeke

    Am I too dumb to burn a pre-OSX CD?

    Have you tried just not burning a CD and instead using one of the various SCSI device emulators like a zulu, macsd or bluescsi? Just plop the image onto an SD card and be done with wriring disks.
  8. Compgeke

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    I've actually noticed this issue too on my 9150. I just assumed it was the CD driver on the machine or some BS. I quit having high hopes for old Mac OS a long time ago. One thing worth noting for ISO files is there is an active bug over on Github related to read-only files. If your ISO is...
  9. Compgeke

    SuperMac PDQ, Spectrum 8, 24, Thunder ROMs

    Here's a link with Spectrum/8 Series III v1.30 and Spectrum/24 PDQ, both my own dumps: https://fsck.technology/software/ROM%20Dumps/NUBUS%20Expansion%20Cards/
  10. Compgeke

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    NeXT on SPARC has a big issue where there's almost no software for them. I did compile a bunch of freeware stuff for NeXT 3.3 SPARC but it's all still your average "90s utilities" and nothing significant to show off the platform. HPPA, m68k and i386 all got binaries compiled for all 3, but you...
  11. Compgeke

    Outbound 125 Lead Acid Battery Dimensions

    A bit of a lazy thread - does anyone have the battery dimensions off a 125? There are two almost identical batteries in the form factor and I want to make sure I get the right one. Ones 2” and ones 2.5” wide. I’d just go measure the compartment but of course I left for work without remembering...
  12. Compgeke

    Mac Pro RAID Card & Drive Compatibility

    Unfortunately the size limitation is due to the LSI controller chip on the card, rather than limitations of the time. A bunch of other controllers such as the Dell PERC 5/i and 6/i have the same limitation due to using the same chipset.
  13. Compgeke

    MacOS 7.7 Prototype Drive Imaging

    I'd recommend going with ddrescue over straight dd. Not only does it provide a progress bar, it also does retries on bad sectors and makes a list of any parts of the disk it can't read. No need to deal with if and of either. ddrescue -d -c 400 -b 512 -r 3 /dev/whateverthedriveis os77.img os77.map
  14. Compgeke

    SCA to *IDE*? Sanity check please.

    There are a couple ways to get around termination issues: 1.) Get 50 to 68 pin adapters, and slap those into your 50 pin devices and motherboard. Run a 68 cable. 2.) Get one of the adapters with both 50 and 68 pin connectors, and slap a 68 pin terminator on it. 3.) Certain Seagate and IBM SCA...
  15. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    I've actually got ~10 assembled ones that'd fit the Q650 and probably 15 unassembled PCBs, but I just haven't had the time to really deal with them much. I started working on them when I was unemployed, and then once I'm back to work it's just no time left.
  16. Compgeke

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    How did what HDD replacement you use become such a controversial topic? I'd swear everyone's picking a cult to join or something. I'm in favor of whatever's most compatible, particularly since price is a bit irrelevant for these things (one's like $10 cheaper than the other? It's going in a...
  17. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    I've actually got a batch of boards built up but I haven't got the brackets printed out for them. Got a 3D printer, messed up the Z axis sensor and haven't got much further on it. I could send some boards out without brackets and provide an STL file for printing one, though. I've got the...
  18. Compgeke

    Daystar Genesis MP (again!)

    No problem! Just did that https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/the-holy-grail-of-pci-macs-daystar-millennium-quad-604.31811/page-3#post-422585
  19. Compgeke

    The Holy Grail of PCI Macs: Daystar Millennium Quad 604.

    This is absolutely a bump but here're the images again. They died at some point in forum software upgrades. One of those mythical machines you read about is the Daystar Genesis MP. Multiple 604s? How cool is that. rarely do they actually appear for sale though, and when they do often the boring...
  20. Compgeke

    ATTO ExpressPCI UL2S Firmware?

    UL3D, or at least mine, has the firmware for PC and Mac on the same card. No need to update or flash, it works in either/or.