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    How many floppy drives can a SWIM chip control? (just curious)

    The IIgs uses a pin off of the VGC (video) chip for the /3.5DISK line (pin 4 of the DB-19). Basically its a general purpose output they tacked on to a chip that had an extra pin available.
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    Apple-branded "Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseT card" (PCI) "SA0025"

    This was a BTO option on the beige G3. The B&W G3 came with it built in.
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    How many floppy drives can a SWIM chip control? (just curious)

    The IIgs gets its extra 3.5" drive enable line from a pin run off the VGC. The daisy chain board in the 3.5" drives handles forwarding the enable signals to the 5.25" drives so that's why 3.5" drives have to be first in the chain. The SWIM based Apple II 3.5" Controller supports two Superdrives...
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    I'd like one for dev purposes, but who knows when I'd get around to that. How does the hardware currently present itself to the system? Does it just dump serial packets to a /dev devices? I can work with that.
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    ThunderStorm, Thunder II GX, DSP multiple processor run

    System 7.6 and higher requires 32-bit addressing, so it's always enabled. As for the DSPs, too little software took advantage of them to justify the cost. I recall a period in the early 90s when DSPs were considered "miracle" chips that could solve all the world's mostly floating point...
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    What grinds my gears is that people put classic Mac software in ZIP files, or some weird image format that was never used on the Mac.... past or present. I seem to recall having to find one "special" ZIP extractor to handle one of the archives there when just putting it in ANY StuffIt (even...
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    System memory use between 24-bit and 32-bit addressing

    I think the Portable can address RAM up to 9MB. Remember the 24-bit limit is 16MB, just that the rest above 8MB is reserved for ROM mapping and I/O. A RAM disk would work similar to how EMS memory works on a PC. You would lose a bit of RAM to the page frame though. One might also need a MMU...
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    Doesn't the open source version of the unArchiver already have Stuff-It extraction code?
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    Laserwriter 8500 Fault

    It could be a bad cartridge. I've had sealed NOS toner/drums go bad on me before. If the printed image is otherwise "good", I wouldn't be concerned with the laser imager being the problem. The rest of the printer (fuser, power, I/O board) is clearly working fine. Take out the toner cartridge and...
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    The MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi.

    Wi-Fi and DDP AppleTalk is problematic. Apparently the issue is with access points not properly translating the packets. All Apple Airport units should work (naturally), but everything else is hit or miss. https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/guide-to-mac-friendly-wireless-routers-appletalk-support/
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    That's what the Technical Reference says. I like the bit about DDoSing an entire network by plugging in a regular old ImageWriter II!
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    I have the ImageWriter Technical Reference, I'll grab the info when home.
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    The card is straight forward to install in the printer, but you do need to flip a DIP switch to indicate to the printer that its installed. System 7 and later come with the drivers you need.
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    The first edition of Inside AppleTalk (or a draft of it) is out there somewhere in PDF. I recall coming across it at one point. The bigger issue is that almost nothing still in use today talks Phase 1, including the Linux kernel drivers for AppleTalk. One place to look for LocalTalk to Ethernet...
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    netatalk can handle any AppleTalk routing via its atalkd component. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. I don't think the Linux kernel support for AppleTalk supports Phase 1 packets, so thats the reasoning for any oddities dealing with LocalTalk PC cards.
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    The MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi.

    The papd included with netatalk is broken with older LaserWriter drivers (and doesn't work with the GS/OS driver at all). You need to use LaserWriter 8 on the client side. The CUPS integration needs to be updated to compile against newer versions of CUPS as well. Once its "working", papd will...
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    Early LaserWriter ROM dumps

    YES. Please image these disks. I don't think they are online at all. I'm not the one looking for the ROMs, just the software.
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    Printing from Win 10 to an Imagewriter II or LQ?

    Any Windows drivers were for the C-Itoh 8510, which the ImageWriter was based on. Those drivers are ancient and not supported with Windows 10. On the Linux side, GhostScript used to have a built-in rudimentry black and white driver (appledmp) that has since been dropped from the GhostScript...
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    Need Imagewriter LQ discs, 1 - 3, and Imagewriter II/LQ Appletalk disc.

    The Legacy Support CD would be the most likely disc with ImageWriter drivers on it. System 7 includes the latest ImageWriter LQ and LQ AT drivers. It's all you need to print from the OS. If anything, the original disks likely included bitmapped fonts, something made obsolete by TrueType scaled...
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    Beige G3 w/Tempo Trio No LBA?

    I seem to recall the Tempo Trio having compatibility problems with the Beige G3. Ah, from the datasheet: Also from the datasheet: