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    Golden Triangle DiskTwin software - Was someone looking for this?

    A link to the drivers has already been shared above?
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    Golden Triangle DiskTwin software - Was someone looking for this?

    Thanks :) much appreciated. I've grabbed a copy and will have a play in the near future.
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    Archiving F/A-18 Hornet version installers

    I have Korea + OpenGL/Glide and Hornet 3 on a disk... had it since I was a kid. Is that really not on the garden?!
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    Golden Triangle DiskTwin software - Was someone looking for this?

    Thanks olePigeon, it was me asking questions :) - I had contacted the seller already, but they said they find it easier to make floppy disks than disk images... I live on a different contintent so the suggested postage is more than a little expensive! I'm waiting for a more affordable...
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    Folks, look at what someone posted on the Facebook "Vintage Macintosh Restoration and Preservation" group. It is a 3rd party BBU that allows for a higher bus speed on the SE!
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    Still have the original, let me know if you are interested in more photos - under "Ord. No. 6126" it says "MH 13654 (N)" - I think that means it is Manganese Dioxide? Mine is date code 0188. http://www.mercateo.co.uk/p/4888-6681/Varta_CR1_2AA_Lithium_battery_6127_UL_MH_13654_N_950mAh.html
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    Bit late to the game sorry :) Just sharing a picture to give a bit more info to verify. Besides, I was stood right next to a bare 840 board when I read your post.
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    Mac II and IIx RAM

    Simple question, does anybody know where I can buy (or a design to make) some PAL 30 pin SIMMs for my IIx? I'm stuck at 8MB and would love even a little more. Note they don't work with standard high capacity SIMMs.
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    Mystery pre prod Novy Quik20? accelerator - missing chips, indentification

    Some of the similar Total Systems Mercury 030 boards shown in old adverts don't have a crystal installed, so don't assume that your crystal is missing. They have a jumper for setting the clock source. The attached does have a crystal, interestingly a 20mhz when the boatd only seems to be...
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    Hypercard Serial

    Hey folks, I've been putting together a Hypercard stack to control a serial i/o box and was doing quite well. I'm using the Hypercard Serial Toolkit. Everything was fine until I tried to read in data with values above 127 - it seems the recvBytes command accidentally uses the char datatype or...
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    Nubus Ethernet Card Software

    Hey folks, Does anybody have the software for this card? Or know where I might get it? Possibly something like a CNET 460e?
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    Resurrecting a Macintosh IIx

    Woo, worked out the graphics issue - the monitor didn't like been overclocked that hard from the IIx. It is usually ok at 75hz, but for some reason it wasn't here. At the moment I've found that it runs at 72hz in 800x600... still technically too fast, but the screen copes. Just disk and...
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    Resurrecting a Macintosh IIx

    So more investigating - I swapped in a working floppy drive and the machine will boot from a floppy! This means it only seems to crash when trying to boot from scsi... Plus the washed out video. Photo of it booted in System 6 with a drive from a 6100 :)
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    Resurrecting a Macintosh IIx

    Interestingly, it doesn't reset itself when there is no startup disk at all (and the question mark is flashing). Does this mean it fails when RAM gets busy as the OS starts to load in? (I assume that the flashing question / disk runs entirely from ROM). Because of this, I feel the issue is less...
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    Resurrecting a Macintosh IIx

    Good afternoon folks. I recently picked up a dead IIx. It wouldn't even bumpstart when I first saw it, but I'm not sure why as it sort of did once I got it home (it chimed and showed the happy mac before doing a weird restart with no chime - after a couple of times it froze). Note that it does...