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  1. JT737

    Drive gear needed for an AppleCD SC

    Hello everyone! I've been working on restoring an AppleCD SC external scsi drive and I've hit a snag. Long and short of it, the eject/drive intake does not work. And the reason is that the drive gear on the eject/intake motor is cracked. It is a small, 4.4mm 12 tooth nylon gear. I've...
  2. JT737

    Interware Booster 30-50F

    So I've been browsing/buying Mac stuff on Yahoo Japan for over a year now, and I have to say it is amazing how much old Mac stuff is routinely for sale on it!  My latest item that I bought is this:  an Interware 68030 accelerator, with the original box.....for only $100!  Well, at least that was...
  3. JT737

    More Video Card probems-Micron Xceed 306

    Hello everyone,     As I sit here in my electronics room/Zoom office, I figured I'd ask a question.  I have a Micron Xceed 306 video card that I bought off of eBay about a month ago.  The good news is that it somewhat works; but that's the bad news as well!       Half of the displayed video...
  4. JT737

    Interware VDR-2a video card for Macintosh SE/30

    I bid on this at the last minute about two weeks ago and was kind of shocked when I won!  Especially for what I paid for it; at $80, it feels like I practically stole this card.  It displays up to millions of colors at 640x480, and has pretty cool looking splash screen to boot: The cool splash...
  5. JT737

    RasterOps Clear Vue GS30 for me SE/30 died...any ideas why?

    Hello all,      A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to pick up a few SE/30's with video cards, including one with a RasterOps Clear Vue GS30.  So I put it into my main SE/30 to test it out.  It worked well for about a week, having the ability to display 256 shades of grey at 1024 x 768.  And...
  6. JT737

    A few SE/30's I found on eBay

         Last week while I was on eBay looking for old macs I came across an auction with 20 different old Macintosh computers, most of them compact macs- and a few of them SE/30's.  The total for the auction was $640 and you had to go to Iowa to pick them all up!       Long and short of it nobody...