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    Quadra 700 doesn’t power on anymore

    Hello everyone, I’m going to copy-paste what already have asked in some Discord about Macintosh stuff. My Quadra 700 does not power on anymore and I’m very sad about it. I did quite nothing, it worked until now. Ps: I did not recap it. But it really scares me since I do not have time...
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    Broken floppy drive?

    I have your problem too. What do I have to do? I did nothing yet. After reading your post I tried ejecting it manually with a paperclip but it doesn’t come out. I mean, how Can I remove it!? the drive has some problem, it worked for (its first after decades) three times...
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    How to Repair a G5 Quad Dual Pump LCS

    Hi everyone, what is this blueish-green thing on the copper? (Oxidation?) Also, what can I use to remove the  glue? And what kind of glue it is?
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    How to Repair a G5 Quad Dual Pump LCS

    Guys, another thing... what can I do for these? Ps: do you suggest me to change the thermal compound on the North Bridge too? How can I check its temperature?
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    Quadra 950 – how to do a fresh installation? Do I need the original floppy disks which came with it?

    Hi, please I really need a fast reply. Thank you