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  1. Mu0n

    Mac Plus reflow success - looking to SE next

    My childhood Mac Plus (2.5 mb) from 1986 was recapped back in 2019 as I was re-learning soldering and wanted to future proof my collection. I was maybe too enthusiastic with the electrolytic + RIFA ones on the analog board and ended up replacing them all for good measure - it's hard knowing how...
  2. Mu0n

    October 2021 Project: reverse-engineering Studio Session song format

    My project is not new, it's a continuation of something I pushed forward in 2019 back in another thread: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/studio-session-file-format-reverse-engineer.33512/ The goal of retrochallenge is to advance and/or complete projects, right and talk about some...
  3. Mu0n

    Retro68, the missing link for me

    Hey all, I've subscribed to the retrochallenge of next month (in a mere 2 days) and before I get started, the lure of using retro68 has made itself manifest to me again. Caveat: I'm not a professional programmer, but I started around 8 years old and I'm 43 now, to give you a vague idea of where...
  4. Mu0n

    Repairing external Hyperdrive FX/20 by General Computing

    My father had this since 86 and it was in regular use for at least 3 years, then in semi-regular up to around 93. Then, it got stored, to be digged up as well as the family Mac Plus around 2004 when the vintage bug bit me. I operated it every 1-3 years until 2017 when it finally dawned on me I...
  5. Mu0n

    New game release: Flappy Mac

    From youtuber gruz (aka insanely gruz aka killgruz) https://gruz.itch.io/flappymac runs fine in both emulation environment all the way down to a real Mac Plus.
  6. Mu0n

    What's your recollection of Mac Plus offscreen CopyBits refresh rate?

    Context: I'm trying to refresh a Mac Plus' whole screen 512x342 (for starters..., I will reduce that size going forward) by installing a VBL Task whose purpose is to CopyBits the contents of an offscreen bitmap to the screen bits of what is shown. Of course, the best way to do this is to limit...
  7. Mu0n

    How to link a default icon resource to your built app from Symantec C++ 6 (THINK C)

    I'd like for my built C application to have a custom icon polled from a resource file during the building step. I successfully did it some 15 years ago for a mock project I was doing, but I don't remember how I did it or what I'm missing. Here's what I'm using: 1) System 7.5.3 under Basilisk...
  8. Mu0n

    New Halloween app from Insanely gruz (MacGhost)

    Insanely gruz (aka killgruz) has put out another video showcasing his newly made app in time for Halloween. He can definitely produce 68k native applications, but he decided making this as a self-running hypercard stack. It's a little silly Halloween thing, which you can find out about in the...
  9. Mu0n

    Clipout for mini-vMac

    I've started to doodle around with the excellent side tools that are meant to be used in conjunction with mini-vMac, which I've criminally neglected for all of these years. https://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/extras/clipout/ Anyone familiar with using this particular Clipout program? I've...
  10. Mu0n

    Déjà Vu from Rubicon Publishing

    I've NEVER EVER seen "Déjà Vu", the tile memory game from Rubicon Publishing, anywhere online since I started looking in the late 90's for old Mac software. It seems to be a forgotten title. No acknowledgment, no discussion, no download. This is not the Icom Simulations adventure game with the...
  11. Mu0n

    Arcade Adapter for Mac*Man

    This little thing connected to the DB9 mouse port of pre-ADB Macs: and allowed you to play Mac Man using an Atari Joystick. I just tried plugging my custom gamepad and running the game, but it will show that it doesn't recognize its adapter. Perhaps the normally unused pin of the DB9...
  12. Mu0n

    LCIII battery 'splosion

    I always tell people to remove batteries ASAP and resist using them ad nauseum.  I opened up my LCIII this morning with the goal of seeing if it had these SMT caps that I would replace with tantalums, just like I did for my SE/30 and Mac Classic (yep it does). Lo and behold, the battery had...
  13. Mu0n

    3D printed programmer switch

    Has anyone made one? A switch may have been broken while cracking a compact mac open.... Asking for a friend....
  14. Mu0n

    ok, "tutor me to bypass bad sector copy protection" challenge

    Game: Winter Games Year: 1985 Supported by: System 4.2 or earlier Skills required: excellent knowledge of 68000 assembly
  15. Mu0n

    Weird crash under System 6 for my app

    I'm developping a silly little game with fluid masked sprite animations and like I used to do back in the day in 2005, I'm regularly testing it under both System 7.5.3 and System 6.0.8. Right now, it works fine under 7, but crashes with an illegal instruction in 6. I took the opportunity to...
  16. Mu0n

    Who has Studio/1?

    Olden black and white animation software from Electronic Arts. See an old scan from a magazine with a screenshot and a general tour of it...
  17. Mu0n

    Getting back on the game programming engine (system 6- target)

    I made a few dozen example programs as learned the Mac Toolbox in C (with THINK C) back in 2004-2005. I managed to delve in the wonderful world of the Sound Driver, windows mangement, event management, offscreen blitting, VBL timers, etc. None of it was unified into a real game, but I'm trying...
  18. Mu0n

    Revised homebrew Mac Plus ROM?

    I acquired an EEPROM burner and have lots of chips to spare. They also have a higher capacity than is needed for the HI and LO Mac Plus ROMs. Is there a known homebrew ROM content files out there on the net that add functionality for the Mac Plus (say, a tiny boot disk, or something pre-loaded...
  19. Mu0n

    Can a bridge exist here? (Archon, SE, MouseStick)

    I want to use my Gravis MouseStick drivers on a SE to play Archon. Archon: according to Mac Garden, it's stable under System 1.0 to 4.2. My tests are not extensive here, but under 6.0.8 on my SE, you can have no sound effects to not having clicking funtionality (though the mouse cursor moves)...
  20. Mu0n

    Proper Mac Plus ROM split HI/LO

    Trying to get back my 2nd Mac Plus up and running again, I've received an EEPROM programmer and I'm prepping some Winbound W27C512 ICs. Have I done the split right? Every other byte are split like so: LO: HI: