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  1. RadRacer203

    Quicktake 200 Software for Windows?

    Just picked up a really clean boxed Quicktake 200 and I'm having trouble locating the software for it for Windows. I have a copy for the Macintosh but that doesn't help me at the moment because I only have access to a Windows machine. I believe it should also work with Fuji's software for the...
  2. RadRacer203

    Not a Mac but 68k

    Traded an OSI Challenger 4p that was an Apple 2 competitor, and an Osborne 1 for an Amiga 2000 setup the other day. I'm hoping I can run Mac OS on it and possibly find the card that lets you run dos on it too. As it sits I have the Amiga 2000 with dual 3.5" floppy drives and a 5.25" drive that's...
  3. RadRacer203

    Mac that's not a Mac

    Just picked up this Powerpc Mac clone yesterday and I was wondering what exactly it was. I got it for making disks/imaging drives on my compact Macs because it has ps/2 and vga and fits perfectly into my kvm setup. I know it's powerpc with something like 128mb ram but apart from that and it...
  4. RadRacer203

    Mac SE sound messed up with Radius accelerator

    Just installed a 16mhz Radius accelerator in my SE and I can definitely see the difference, it's significantly faster than stock. One quirk I've found though is the sound seems to be messed up. There's a lot of static in any music or anything more than just a simple beep. I'm stumped, do I need...
  5. RadRacer203

    Windows Newton/Quicktake cable?

    So I just helped my friend sorting through a ton of his computer stuff to start selling it, and he gave me a very nice boxed Newton and Quicktake 150. Only problem is neither has the serial cables. Strangely they're both the Windows model, and the Newton has the Macintosh connection kit with it...
  6. RadRacer203

    Just getting into Macs a little bit, got 2 SE/30's

    So I'm mainly a PC guy, collecting 80's and 90's stuff but these little Macs are starting to grow on me. I've picked up a few in the past couple months starting with a Mac Plus but now I also have an SE and 2 unfortunately dead SE/30's that seem to have analog board and/or power supply failure...