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    mAcTX LC Boards

    I have been told that the original post got lost in a forum crash, so. Once again, here's the mAcTX LC KiCad project. Public domain, do whatever, yadda yadda; I just ask that you don't use the mAcTX name if you use this in your own project and don't sell for profit. This only covers the LC...
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    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    So it boots off an X/Profile on a 2/5. HELLO.APP works, but 1ST_WORD.APP causes a complete system hang when trying to create a new document. Make sure to have a floppy disk inserted if you try to access the drive, otherwise it will crash the system with Lisa Error 47. Also: don't forget to copy...
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    Cards and drives

    All of these C clamps need to come off. There are four screws on the underside of the drive that need to be removed, then the loading mechanism will pop right out. I'd also suggest removing the eject motor and giving that a good cleaning and lube too; that's just held in with screws. Be careful...
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    ROM needed for an Asante MacCon+IIET

    Is it against the rules to ask for a ROM for a Nubus Ethernet card? The one in my MacCon+IIET catastrophically failed and the dump I took of it before it failed is a bad dump as it's 90% 00.
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    At last, a IIfx

    So I was browsing eBay one night and I found a listing for a non-working/parts-only IIfx. Immediately snatched it up and got it in today! The case is trashed - lots of bent pieces, major scuffs, and it's even missing the top lid. I threw it all into my regular II's case and found out the soft...
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    UniPlus UNIX Installation

    Has anyone ever successfully installed UniPlus UNIX on a Lisa 2/5?
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    LC II - Second Floppy

    Anyone ever tried sticking in another pin header into the unpopulated pads on an LC II board? Just curious to know if the second floppy port is electrically connected at all. 
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    At last, a Lisa

    Finally got a system I've been wanting for years... Much thanks to the Vintage Mac Museum for this.
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    Proper replacement for C1 on 630-0102 analog board

    Hey all, I did a near complete recap of my 512ke's analog board, part number 630-0102. The only capacitor I did not replace was C1 - 50v, 3.3uf. While I have a brand-new replacement 50v 3.3uf cap in my parts order, it's a tiny 5mm radial instead of something much beefier like the 18mm original...
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    512ke EMP blasting disks on cold boot?

    Just a little weird something I’ve noticed with my 512ke ever since swapping out the original 800k with a replacement 800k...   If I have my 512ke turned off and I insert a disk, then turn it on my boot disk ends up corrupted at the best and completely erased at the worst. I guess the solution...
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    Just picked up a 512ke

    Literally a week after I found my 128, I found another great deal on a 512! Advertised as not working, I bought it because it was cheap and had something very special on the inside... Yep, MacSnap SCSI and 2MB RAM upgrade! Easy fixes on this one too - the entire analog board needed resoldering...
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    Just picked up a 128k

    You never know what you’ll find when you’re browsing mislabeled items on eBay... Got a pretty good deal on this 128k! The only thing keeping it from booting was a single bad RAM chip which I removed and socketed. Now I’ve got it coming up to the missing disk screen! Unfortunately, the internal...
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Final test boards showed up today! Just a couple of minor silkscreen tweaks left to do but otherwise what you see here is going to be the final shipping product. We're also working on finalizing documentation and we plan to have pre-orders live by next week. Until then, here's some pictures!
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    Portable Trackball and Keyboard Pinout

    Hey all, I have a keyboard and trackball from a Portable. I've been reading the service documents and it says they're ADB in a 34-pin ribbon cable. Does anyone know the pinout of the ribbon? It'd be cool to use these with my desktop Macs.
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Update time! We have new mAcTX prototypes to check out! The mAcTX Compact R4T board respins the board to use a 2N3904 transistor instead of a 7404 inverter. The biggest issue with this board so far is that some of the silkscreen on the back isn't aligned right and gets cut off by the Mac's...
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Hey mods, can we get the thread renamed to "mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs"? Thanks! Yep; I've got the part number for a replacement on-hand, I just didn't buy any for initial testing to keep costs down. I do have a pending order for some though! I've also got a breakout board for the SMT version...
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    While Compgeke has been busy testing out random IIsis, I've been working on something of my own - introducing the mAcTX LC! As the name suggests, it's an ATX adapter board for the Mac LC series, and it's being designed as a drop-in replacement for the LC's PSU when combined with a picoPSU. We're...
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    040 Recommendations?

    Hey all, what would you recommend as a decent 68040-native machine? I've got a Quadra 610 DOS Compatible that unfortunately the case breaks further if you even look at it funny; I'm probably going to part that system out and replace it with something. But with what? For obvious reasons I don't...
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Good news and bad news. Good news is that I got Rev 3 boards in today and they're looking great! Switching to Lite-On LEDs has also solved the problem of status lights being way too bright - I'm pretty sure those CREEs we bought last time were for things like emergency exit signs and not general...
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    This design is pretty much final; I don't think we're going to move to a transistor unless something drastic happens with the 7404. That said, there is a "just for fun" Micro edition of the adapter board, made almost entirely with SMT parts that does use a transistor. We'll see if that turns...