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    Open with Classic

    Stationery pad is the classic mac os term for a template, so each time you run it it's making a copy for your further use. I'm not aware, when something is compatible with both, of a way to force something to run in Classic Mode, and for almost any software that can (e.g. Photoshop 7, Final Cut...
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    For anyone who wanted to try Rhapsody before...

    Oh dang, that looks great, thank you!
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    Grape iMac DV Revival

    My apologies for the delay, I've removed a couple things to keep this going. Good luck with your iMac @CYB3RBYTE - it looks like a beautiful system!
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    Quicksilver needs a firmware update for Sonnet Encore ST 1.6Ghz?

    My apologies for the delay on this. This is now resolved/closed.
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    Problems with external hard disk

    Does System Profiler see the disk? If not, unfortunately it's probably what it looks like your'e thinking: the bus on the iBook may not provide enough power. A viable work-around to this may be to use a powered USB hub. (This is probably the cheapest option.) (EDIT: just saw your other thread...
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    Why is my Emac so reliable?

    +1: the eMac was pretty massively overbuilt as part of having been designed and sold for K-12 education in particular. It's also 10+ years newer than the Classic and PB140, and also not a laptop. W/re iMac G3s: it's probably just the luck of the draw but slotloading CD drives are less...
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    to the best of my knowledge you're both correct: your "messages" count only counts forum posts...

    to the best of my knowledge you're both correct: your "messages" count only counts forum posts and replies, not statuses or gallery comments.
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    Imac g5 1.6

    Is there a red light coming out the headphone port? And, does the volume control let you adjust the volume or just say it's using digital output? If so, it thinks there's a TOSLINK cable connected, you may need to clean the connector or spritz it with some compressed air. (or, if you have an...
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    TNT and Nitro Board Variations

    I'd have to look at some other notes, but you're right, these are all largely the same platform, with various features added and removed per the needs of the product Apple was trying to create at the moment. Off hand, the one thing to be aware of is that while in theory any of these boards...
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    2023-07-22 Outage Follow-up

    Hey everyone, Thank you again for your patience during our outage and for waiting for this follow-up! This post has the additional details we promised last week. The site consists of a caching proxy, an application host, an S3-compatible object store, and a database-as-a-service instance, all...
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    2023-07-13 Site Outage

    Hey everyone, We're back. and the site should be stable. As ever, thank you so much for your patience on this kind of thing! The site uses a MySQL Database-as-a-Service product from a well known cloud provider. Unfortunately the cloud provider totally biffed our DBaaS instance. We have...
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    Sorbet leopard vs Shuriken

    disclaimer: I haven't used any of these projects. Most of those eras are very big. On G3s, I typically run OS 9. OS X 10.3-10.4 does run fine on blue G3s, the more RAM you have the better, it also likes/gets benefit out of bigger/faster disks and replacement graphics cards...
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    eBay nastiness

    We don't need to go years back in someone's post history to find something to one-up them on. Nowhere better this can go so I'm locking it. Thanks! Best, Cory5412.
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    Good OSes for your 68k Mac

    Hmm. This is something I'd like to test. In the late '90s (like late 1996/early 1997) most Mac magazines said that, for the most part, 603e/ev and 604e/ev variants performed basically the same, and you should pick based on what else in the system you did/didn't need, e.g. it doesn't make sense...
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    1400c 166 slow CF?

    Worth noting w/ re 1400 vs. 2400/3400: They are radically different architectures, with the 2400/3400 being one or two generations newer, on a much newer and better overall architecture. (this is even though they are basically contemporaries.) The 1400, remember, is a mobile Performa/PMac...
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    performa board series names?

    Here's my notes on architecture codenames: https://doku.stenoweb.net/doku.php?id=macdex:architectures Adapted from: https://macinfo.de/hardware/hardware.html Wikipedia has a list of codenames, but these are really product-oriented, rather than architecture-oriented...
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    Good OSes for your 68k Mac

    Hmm. I didn't see 9 in particular, but here goes. This is long, because I personally think there's a lot of caveats: For 9, I'd kind of say "it depends". 9's biggest deal is that it really likes having about 128-256 megs of RAM, which is easiest and cheapest on G3 era hardware and on fairly...
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    Which "useless" extensions are not worth the RAM and time to load nowadays?

    Just as a sidenote, I absolutely love how many things this applies to. You can pretty much piece together an entire 7.5 install using the 7.1 Finder and System File if you really want to, but I don't know if there's "literally any benefit to that at all" other than saying you did it. (The more...
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    Which "useless" extensions are not worth the RAM and time to load nowadays?

    In addition to all of this, I often turn off printing. Part of what Extension Manager (and whatever was around before it, I think Conflict Catcher may do the same thing) does is let you reboot your Mac with different extension sets. A fairly common use case back in the day was to have different...
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    Local estate find in San Diego

    Hey All, We'd like to discuss the recent thread for Tony Diaz's estate. We knew Tony personally, which drives some of how we initially moderated it. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it looks like Tony's estate is enduring what happens when someone dies: many family members are involved, and...