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  1. ronan

    StufIt as a service

    Hey all, I just found about this : http://restuff.jcs.org It’s an incredible project that automatically converts StuffIt version 4 & 5 archives to a format readable in StuffIt 3. This should be super useful for périple who can’t migrate to system 7. Enjoy ! (and sorry if it had already...
  2. ronan

    CRT Yoke rotation after case opening

    Hi everyone, After opening my SE/30 to mount my SCSI2SD and reclosing the case I noticed that the image displayed on the screen was a little bit rotated compared to before opening the case. You case see attached picture to see. (Both images were taken after the rotation).  What could be the...
  3. ronan

    68net - a modern SCSI to Ethernet board

    Hello everyone ! I had been looking to connect my SE/30 to the internet but I struggled to find PDS boards that would fit in it, and all SCSI to Ethernet boxes that I found were missing floppies with drivers. Moreover most of this stuff was in the US so shipping would be really expensive. Then...
  4. ronan

    SE/30 weird floppy drive issue

    Hi everyone, I'm becoming crazy as I have huge trouble making my original floppy drive work reliably. I have been investigating this for more than one week nearly full time. It looks like my drive is working sometimes but not always : Sometimes it will just eject the drive quickly. Sometimes...