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  1. petteri

    Beige G3 DT with 9.2.2 slow after sleep

    It seems display sleep or some other energy saver causes this machine to became really slow on screen redraws, for example while typing or just refreshing windows. After restart everything back to normal. I have scanned the HD with Disinfectant 3.7.1.  The computer has ATI Rage Pro with 6MB...
  2. petteri

    G3 Pismo startup issue

    I bought a third party power adapter to my G3 Pismo. I have no info of the history of the laptop but it looks somewhat worn. The screen plastics have couple cracks. I plugged in the charger and pressed power button. There is no chime (loudspeaker or headphones. I can hear a little pop from the...
  3. petteri

    2x1Ghz Quicksilver and OS 9?

    I spotted somebody selling a working 2x 1GHz CPU, Nvidia GeForce 4MX 64Mt AGP, 512Mt RAM for 50 euros. I am somewhat tempted to buy it, but does that dual CPU machine work ok on 9.2? Not that I would have any proper use for that machine...
  4. petteri

    Getting started with application development for System 6/7

    I have a little coding challenge in my mind. The requirements are that it should have some input and output for the text - could be proper UI components or just plain terminal like text screen. I should also read some data from resource fork (text for example) and its target environment should...
  5. petteri

    Using G4 PB 1.5Ghz 12" charger on G3 Pismo?

    I have 45W A1036 charger and based on the label it outputs 24 VDC. But the plug is smaller than G3 Pismo requires. Is the 9.5mm plug used on G3 Pismo some common part I could find from electronics store? I would like to avoid buying yet another charger. I'd rather build a little adaptor if possible.
  6. petteri

    G3 mix, should I proceed?

    I once posted "WTB: old macs" and forgot the whole thing. Now a gentleman contacted me and said he had some old macs nearby.  Based on the photos there are three units: - Beige G3 desktop model with ZIP drive - Green G3 iMac, looks like a tray loading model - Pismo G3 Powerbook  -...
  7. petteri

    Sony MP F75W 11G superdrive with faulty zero track sensor

    I received a disk drive but it seems its zero track sensor is faulty. Right after startup it moves to the zero track but doesn't stop there. I cleaned the optical sensor with first air and then IPA but no help. If I block the cut on the bottom of the sensor with a piece of a paper it stops the...
  8. petteri

    Triple IIci

    While ago bought three IIcx computers and managed to fix two of them. The third one starts up but no activity after that. Now it was time to level up and do the same with IIci triplets. But instead of buying we made a little deal. I'll get two computers free if I return one recapped. Not sure...
  9. petteri

    12" Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz overheating and battery issues

    Running OS X 10.4 fine except it tends to shut itself down when there is CPU intensive tasks. Fans are blowing but I assume the machine is full of dirt as it has never been opened. Should the thermal paste be reapplied on this model? The battery is totally dead. Is it possible to rebuild the...
  10. petteri

    Cards and drives

    I was looking for a network card for my IIcx and as usually, I ended up buying bit more than just a single card... I came home with: - 3Com EtherLink/NB with thin coax and AUI. - Asante MCNB REV A with RJ-45 and AUI. - RasterOps Color Board 364 (NTSC model?) with bunch of installation disks...
  11. petteri

    Triple IIcx

    I went to pick up ROM chips for my Plus project and came back two Plus logic boards and three IIcx units. So, only one of the IIcx is working without sound.  It has a display adapter (Macintosh Display Card 8•24 (670)), RAM, PSU and floppy drive and other two are empty cases with only...
  12. petteri

    Plus project

    I was looking for a mouse for my 512Ke and ended up getting a broken Mac Plus with it. Very boring unit, no extras or anything. Seems like it has the same issue with the analog board solders as my 512Ke. I was able to get some video by pushing the sides but I think it has some other issues as...
  13. petteri

    Cheap USB mouse adapter for 128k/512k/Plus?

    I have been looking for a low cost USB mouse adapter for my 512k. Currently options are: - Find a Amiga or Atari ST mouse and swap the wires (https://blog.rekawek.eu/2016/12/08/mac-plus/) - Use https://www.simulant.uk/shop/Amiga-Atari-USB-to-9-pin-Mouse-Adaptor or similar and swap the wires -...
  14. petteri

    512K Education with SCSI card

    After somewhat fixing two SE/30 I wanted another challenge. It was advertised as an 512Ke but the model is M0001D so it is education model I guess. I was told it has an 800kb floppy drive and a SCSI card. It came with a short keyboard and cable but the DB-9 mouse has been lost. It starts up with...
  15. petteri

    SE/30 project

    I just brought home an SE/30. It came with two motherboards and both are somewhat faulty. The disk drive works at least. At least other motherboard has some caps replaced with through hole caps and ugly solderings. I have to check the amount of memory and the ROM revision. There is no SCSI drive...