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  1. IPalindromeI

    Windows NT on Power Macs

    Seems like it /may/ be possible to get NT running on Power Mac. The big stopping point is different firmware - Power Macs have OF, but NT needs ARC. However, there were OF systems that shipped with NT - they used veneer, as shipped on the NT CD, to basically shim ARC calls to OF, and then load...
  2. IPalindromeI

    OLPC XO-1

    Yes, that green machine. Cute, and for 40$ locally, cheap. I particularily like the screen.
  3. IPalindromeI

    Carbonized Word 5.1?

    I've heard rumours of this existing. I'm not sure if it was OS X compatible, or possibly even a universal binary if it's new enough. Is this just a fever dream I had or something that happened?
  4. IPalindromeI

    Modern Einstein build for Windows

    Did someone compile any? There aren't any binaries available on their GitHub repo, and the latest build I managed to find is from 2007. I couldn't find any newer builds via Googling.
  5. IPalindromeI

    MacMini1,1 with Core Solo

    For a low, low price of 30$. Usually you see people hawking G4s for 100$ or more. Good deal. Specs: 1.5 GHz Core Solo, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HD, and the latest version of Snow Leopard. The previous owner seemingly installed Flash, Chrome, and ran updates, and nothing else. This will probably get...
  6. IPalindromeI

    What is LC 930?

    So I was looking at the System 7 source code, when I saw this Makefile. (Surrounding it is the dbLite, the PB Duo 210; SuperMario, a universal 68k ROM; and a universal RISC ROM.) What's interesting is the mention of DSPs - and the tier indicates a full-sized LC AV Mac? It was in development...
  7. IPalindromeI

    QEMU marches closer to emulating Mac OS 9

    Much excitement!
  8. IPalindromeI

    Mac Upgrade Treadmill: What are the minimum amount of Macs to go from System 3.2 to 10.10?

    In the Windows world, you've seen videos of upgrade marathons going from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7/8. This /may/ be possible on Windows, but it requires 3 architecture swaps on a Mac. Using the same SCSI disk/partition, hopefully, (maybe it requires a disk swap) can you start at 3.2 (the first OS...
  9. IPalindromeI

    ThinkPad T42

    Nice solid machine. You could probably beat someone with this. 15" inch model though sadly not FlexView, 1.7 Ghz P|M, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB disk, and the Mobility Radeon 7500. That last one is causing me problems in Windows 7 though. Drivers to get the XDDM drivers working have incorrect instructions...
  10. IPalindromeI

    Treo 650

    Really nice device. Getting a SIM adapter to try out the telephony. Radiates quality, and the camera isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The screen in particular is crisp and bright.
  11. IPalindromeI

    So what are the Windows ports of iTunes and friends using internally?

    Is it a descendant of the OPENSTEP Enterprise/Yellow Box for Windows stuff? Some new port of Cocoa? A lot of it appears in %PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\ AFAIK.
  12. IPalindromeI

    State of the wiki

    With the user logins locked, what is the state of the wiki? It would be an invaluable tool and organize and centralize our vast wealth of information, but almost no one contributes, probably as a result of this. Is anyone interested in it?
  13. IPalindromeI

    Prototype Mac Case, that is the question . . .

    Quick shop, and we have what Trash wants to do:
  14. IPalindromeI

    Little bit of Bootblock editing

    ...people don't seem to realize the potential for bootblock editing - you can boot directly into whatever application, no Finder needed. Here' I've used Browser - it kinda works, but you can't open applications and many menu entries don't work. It's a start though... maybe some extensions would...
  15. IPalindromeI

    kb7sqi's NEXTSTEP packages?

    This is probably better suited to the NEXT Computing board, but my account is unapproved there. Basically, this dude had a whole bunch of packages available, but his server is down. Did anyone mirror them somewhere public?
  16. IPalindromeI

    ThinkPad 701CS, two of 'em

    Good ThinkPad and Evil ThinkPad... Pics Quirky, and mucho cool with the TrackWrite. It's like a mini-Model M. Both have 486s, as far as I'm aware, and Good has 24 MB of RAM, and Evil has 16 MB of RAM... plus broken screen/broken plastics/no HD. Also picked up the MultiDock II and diskette...
  17. IPalindromeI

    [PC, but close enough anyways] Random IDE HD failure

    This could be my first HD failure. I have several CD drive corpses, but not HDs... Anyways, playing SimCity 2000 on my Linux-Windows dualboot, and I hear a large whirr, like a floppy's but louder. I bend down to the floppy drive and it stops. Save my SC2000 game, BSoD, can't read Drive C...
  18. IPalindromeI

    IRC clients for 68ks

    Having some difficulty finding some. MacIRC, usually my standby acts funny, ShadowIRC lags like hell, and Snak is buggy.