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  1. pcamen

    What can cause an external superdrive to fail?

    In the last couple of weeks I've used my Applesauce to convert quite a few 3.5" floppies ... 400k, 800k, and 1.44M. It worked well. I even broke the drive eject gear, replaced it, and it kept on chugging just fine. But a few disks I did this week have me scratching my head. They came with...
  2. pcamen

    Anyone have Farallon StarCommand?

    I've got two of the Farallon StarControllers now, but both of them came with corrupt software floppies. :( Anyone have a copy of the StarController StarCommand software disk imaged?
  3. pcamen

    IMG vs DMG - best practices archiving CDs

    I think this was discussed in the previous incarnation of 68kmla but I can't find it anymore. I am going through all my media to archive it for eventual posting to vintageapple.org, and other places. Floppies are easy with Applesauce. I'm a little confused about the best way to archive CDs...
  4. pcamen

    G4 B&W thoughts

    As I go through all my stuff to figure out what to get rid of, I started playing around with a G4 B&W 450.  It needs a DVD-RW drive and an HD, but is in otherwise good working condition.  I'm a little torn on this one.  On the plus side, I'm really impressed with the case design and how...
  5. pcamen

    540c not enough free memory error

    I've got a 540c in very good shape with 20MB ram.  It seems that most programs give me the "not enough free memory" error.  For example, running fetch 2.12. It is running 7.6.1 and the OS is only using 3 Megs and change, so memory is definitely not an issue. The memory control panel does not...
  6. pcamen

    Select boot volume on startup

    Seems like this would be easy to find, but I am stumped.  How can I select the startup volume (multiple partitions on a single SCSI ID) at startup on an SE/30?  I've got a damaged system folder on the first partition and a new 7.1 install on the second. 
  7. pcamen

    Powerbook 540c has problem with external SCSI2SD

    I've got my trusty 540c that I've been using for a while to archive floppy disks.  It's got an internal SCSI2SD Powerbook edition that it boots from, either into 7.6.1 or 8.1, and an external SCSI2SD v6 that I use for storing the archived floppy images for easy copy to my modern Mac.  Some time...
  8. pcamen

    475 boots but then hangs

    I've got a stock 475 that up until recently, worked perfectly.  It has the original HD in it.  Now, when I boot, right before it is done, a dialog pops up that never fully displays, and the mouse freezes.  I've tried starting with extensions disabled, same thing.  I've checked the startup folder...
  9. pcamen

    LC 475 installation woes

    For some reason my overclocked 475 with a full 040 is being rejected by all the installation media I've tried.  I have an OS 7.6 CD and that gets rejected with "This program does not run on this computer model".  I tried the system 7.5 installation floppy image that came with the Floppy Emu...
  10. pcamen

    System 7.5.5 using 130megs???

    What the heck is going on here? I have an LC 475, a full 040 overclocked to 33MHz I got from eBay / MacCaps. Not sure if that is germane.  I booted it up using a SCSI2SD unit I had copied off my SE/30.  With nothing running, the system software is taking up 130MB.  If I disable extensions and...
  11. pcamen

    WebOne browser proxy

    Anyone heard of the WebOne proxy server for older browsers, started last year? https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=67165 https://github.com/atauenis/webone Seems promising, although at the moment I don't think it does much more than help with the https problem, which, arguably, is one of...
  12. pcamen

    Software versions for the various OS versions, and canned hard drive images

    Software versions I've almost exclusively just used what was installed on whatever systems I've gotten over the years, meaning, rather than start from scratch, I just have various configurations archived that came on hard drives I got with different systems, and I clone them for additional...
  13. pcamen

    SE/30 won't keep time and mouse settings

    I have an SE/30 with a recapped motherboard.  I've got a new PRAM battery in it and it remains plugged into power.  And yet it keeps losing the date / time setting, and the mouse scroll speed setting (i.e. defaults to none of them selected). Anyone have any ideas?
  14. pcamen

    Alternative to desktop Quicken

    More a modern day Mac question than a vintage one.  I've been using Quicken desktop for, oh, at least 20 years.  I've used it through Mac and PC versions.  The Mac version has always been somewhat of an orphan child, I remember that from when I switched from the PC version to the Mac version in...
  15. pcamen

    OS X / macOS installers going bad

    I've noticed in the last few weeks that when I try to install versions of OS X / macOS from High Sierra (earliest I've tried) and Mojave, the installers are deemed bad with an error message regarding the installer being damaged: I've tracked this down to apparently being an expired...
  16. pcamen

    SCSI and Appleshare copy errors (netatalk issue?)

    I've got a Powerbook G3 Lombard set up with a SCSI2SD on the external SCSI.  I've got a bunch of files on there on an HFS+ partition that I use frequently.  I am trying to copy them up to a newly set up a2server appleshare, but keep getting copy errors on quite a few files. I click continue...
  17. pcamen

    Dead floppy auto-eject motor

    I watched the very excellent video on cleaning an re-lubricating floppy drives that was posted here some time back: I managed to refurbish one superdrive and then started on a second.  The second works great, except the auto-eject doesn't work at all.  Nada.  It doesn't even make a noise.  I...
  18. pcamen

    Problems with startup disk selection on 7.1

    I've been working on putting together a stable SE/30 for a week or more.  It's got: - A recapped motherboard - A SCSI2SD v5.0a with a 16GB card in it and 5 2GB partitions - A Stratos PDS / Cache adapter - A Daystar 68030 @50Mhz - A Radius color pivot card I had System 7.5.5 installed on...
  19. pcamen

    Brittle plastic OMG!

    Wow!  I’ve heard the stories but never really understood.  While unpacking a 17” Apple ColorSync monitor today some of the plastic basically crumbled in my hand as I was lifting it.  Real shame as it is a gorgeous picture. Now I get it.
  20. pcamen

    Centris 650 surprise

    A while back I was thinking that perhaps having an 040 Mac was better than an 030 one with an 040 accelerator, like a IIci with a Daystar 040.  My thinking was that a native 040 model might be more compatible with software, nothing substantiated, just a theory. So I pondered all the 040 models...